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  1. All the info is in the video title and description
  2. MLP mashup (SUPER COOL) :3

    I finally finished my third MLP Mashup, and this one has the theme Rainbow Rocks
  3. 3D ponies, starting out

    I found this and thought it was really nice. Can download the .obj file and stuff after you design your pony
  4. Hello everypony, If one wants to start animating 3D ponies, wich rigs should one use? I know of the SFM-pony rigs, but are there others? I have found a few really good rigs but they are not available, since the artist has kept them for him/herself (wich I do not mind). That is all I wanted to ask for now
  5. Many mlp songs combined into one!

    I just finished this project! If you like it I have another one on my channel
  6. Neat! Honestly I think banner no 2 did much better than banner no 1. The winning banner had problem blending in to the site. The banner became a square picture, since the edges were visible. And because it was a partially transparent picture it looked great (awesomely great) on a white background, but with the mlp forums background, the colors didn't comply. So in the future I hope no pictures with visible edges or half transparency win.
  7. Changelings

    I wanna hang that on my wall..
  8. Number 14... uhm Applejack?
  9. Mine and Koku's OC

    Cute, I wanna eat that ear too :3
  10. Visual Art Random pokemon!

    So... cuute! *squishing face*
  11. New video!

    very... beautiful. Very high quality film xD lol
  12. Minecraft Ponie skins

    COOL def using. Right now, my skin is totally black because of my lack of creativity
  13. Nightmare Night Applejack Plush

    Yey nice AJ... I want her for my collection :<