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  1. Hey! Welcome back! Hope you can forgive me for not helping you as I should have some months ago... *hugs*

  2. nothing much.. I'm back though. :)

    1. Silver-Ember


      Oh, um... Hi.


      I remember you. ^3^

    2. Ragland Tiger

      Ragland Tiger

      Well, howdy! Welcome back! :)

  3. I got a Rainbow Dash one and didn't even know they had them... xD Didn't Rainbow-fy her though. Going to try for Vinyl today...
  4. I don't really have time to answer the questions. xD I'm a girl (14) and I call myself a brony. Some other girls who are fans of the show that I'm RL friends with say that brony, just the term, is used mostly for guys and they call themselves "pegasisters". I've personally found the name a big more clumsy and not as cool sounding as brony, and also find it a bit more feminine (I'm a "nerdy", tomboyish sort of girl) so that's why I use the word brony to describe myself as a fan of MLP. It's not that I don't like pegaisister, just that. I don't like the term to describe myself. *shrug*
  5. A lot of the times I end up jet king about different things. Some involve science (like the Grandfather Paradox or Schrodingers Cat) while others are story ideas (I write stories).
  6. Paint is really hard to use. After I saw your original post, I tried starting to draw my on Paint, and it was really hard. Gave up without even getting to the face. xD
  7. I'll try that and see if she looks better. Thanks!
  8. Ninetales. Or at least Vulpix. I was so desperate to get one in X I traded for one, and I don't usually trade. xD
  9. Here's some more drawings! I'm going to color the grayscale/black and white ones in and post those later. Do you like the "original" (lighter blue) or the darker blue (notability) one better? I may not get the Pro version of Tayasui Sketches, and just do the others on the iPad in Notability. (Sorry they're all sideways... Maybe you can turn them the right way somehow?) -Candlewick
  10. Hey megan_bright! I'm still figuring my way around here too! Don't worry about it! -Candlewick
  11. Hey FlutterDashie! Hope you have fun here! I love that you speak in color! Rainbow Dash is awesome! -Candlewick
  12. I actually connect with a Twilight a lot. I'm a mix of a slight nerd (about 50% nerd) and tomboy (I like video games), closet otaku, and closet brony. In other words, I can connect with Twilight's love of reading and learning about magic and history. ("nerdiness") -Candlewick
  13. Several countries are collaborating on a laser that would use up 100,000 times more powe than we have on this earth. It can only run for about .93 trillioniths of a second, but maybe if we had something like that on a larger scale, we could burn them all up.
  14. Hey! I like Pinkie Pie too! You seem pretty awesome! Have fun around here!