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  1. It's been a while but I'm glad to see everything is still up and running here. Many may not know me but it's good to be back.

    1. Kyoshi


      Welcome back! :D I remember you for sure. :3

    2. Astral Legend

      Astral Legend

      Thank you! I remember you too. Hope you're doing well! ^^

  2. Hey there, and happy birthday! :D Hope you have a good time~ ^.~ https://derpicdn.net/img/2014/3/9/570393/large.jpeg

  3. Astral Legend

    Slice of Life Back To Ponyville

    Today was the day. The day that I return to Ponyville. To be honest with everypony, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. Why you ask? Well, I haven't been to Ponyville ever since I was a young colt and a rather adventurous one at that. This was long overdue and I need to get this out of the way. My parents have been exchanging messages ever since I decided to leave Ponyville for the mountains. They wanted me to return there and try to make friends or at the very least, try to be a little more social. Considering my other outburst, I guess it was appropriate. Maybe I was just feeding m
  4. Why is it the thing you're trying to find always in the most obvious spot in the world yet it's the last place you look? Gotta stop doing that so often.

  5. @@Windbreaker,@@Miss Reaper, Spike had to admit as he was sitting there, he realized just how even more strange this world was. It didn't help that there was no way he could send a letter back to Equestria. He was kinda scared to. Considering he'd probably be scolded by Twilight because he was on the field of battle where he lost control. Everytime he tried to think about it, the only feeling that he was met with was anger and rage. Not exactly in that order. It also didn't help he had a nightmare prior to waking up when he passed out from exhaustion and hunger. Speaking of which, he was s
  6. Whoops! I actually thought I replied already. Between getting sick and trying to keep up with other rp's I'm in at the moment. I totally forgot about this. I'll put one down right now and keep up with it for now on!
  7. It's raining again. I can see it outside the cave I'm currently residing in for tonight. With nothing else I can do until the storm dies down, I will sit here and silently watch it. Walking up to the cave door, I sit myself down near the entrance and watches the rain with a blank expression on my face. I watch it fall to the earth making puddles right in front of me. Watching the water inching it's way forward toward my form. Yet I make no motion to move. Even as I'm sitting here watching it come down, I can hear droplets falling from the cave roof onto the floor. It was my only compa
  8. My location? Your mind. Don't believe me? Check. I'm the thing you fear most.

  9. @@Windbreaker, Not sure, I could have Spike do something though ultimately, I would probably have Spike not do anything to further along the story until Alex would get back.
  10. Alien Isolation, Alice: Madness Returns, Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3 on Hard. Some of the best games I ever played period. If you ever get your hands on them, give 'em a try!
  11. The power to walk through doors that are already open. The power to be the smartest man alive...but only when having a brain transplant. The power to create ice at will but only if you were trapped inside a freezer. The power to make only your left arm go invisible. The power to be the best swimmer in the world but only if you weren't in water. The power to be afraid of everything ever made in the history of the universe. The power to only back in time by one second every two days. The power to become irresistible to all animals you come across. -------------------
  12. @@Miss Reaper,@@Windbreaker, Spike had gotten up from the couch that he was sleeping on and walked on over to Fluttershy, giving her a hug. He was glad to see her especially after his dream. He would have to make sure not to get angry besides he didn't know how much that growth affected him. He wasn't used to these feelings but he sure didn't want to get that way in front of Fluttershy knowing her fear of dragons. Although he was sure that Fluttershy wouldn't treat him any different but still it was something to think about. For now, he would put it out of his mind and turned to the man wh
  13. @@Love,@@Miss Reaper, @@Hypn0ticD, Wow...thanks guys. It means a lot really. Didn't think that I'd be missed that much or else I probably would've been here a bit sooner. Spike is probably the one character I can relate to the most from the show, probably the reason why I'm so good at playing him. x3
  14. @@Miss Reaper, @@Windbreaker, The few seconds before Spike had fainted, he could feel himself being lifted into the air and carried away. The only thing that Spike was worried about was Fluttershy who was with him and this guy...alien...thing. Whatever he was. Spike had already considered that Fluttershy wouldn't be able to lift him and it wasn't because she wasn't strong enough but because she wasn't used to standing on two legs. Although Spike didn't know if there were others that got transported to this strange world or just him and Fluttershy. One thing was for certain though, his s
  15. Yes, if you would be so kind? It would save me the trouble of reading all those pages.
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