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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Your the Boulder! awesome!

    1. The Boulder

      The Boulder

      The Boulder thanks you for your comment, and hopes you will enjoy watching the Boulder bury the Blind Bandit in a rockalance!

  3. I got one. Its called "Imdabes." The budget on this song is pretty impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVUyyHYkBHk
  4. I kept relating Troubleshoes to eeyore from winnie the pooh. His voice, his attitude and sad outlook on life, I couldn't not make the comparison. I wonder if that was a reference... EDIT: Also, it was nice to see the CMC help someone understand their cutie mark. That could be an interesting thing for them to do after they FINALLY get their cutie marks. Maybe instead of Cutie Mark crusading to GET a cutie mark, they could help ponies UNDERSTAND their marks. But then again, they are still a bunch of kids technically.
  5. I'm with you. Huh, its funny... I could tell this was a good episode, and that it was pretty sad...but I couldn't cry, and usually I'm a pretty soft dude when it comes to this stuff. Maybe I was too focused on the idea of weather warfare by Cloudsdale and stuff, but even without the feels for me it still seemed pretty good.
  6. My only regret is that I'm a brony and I don't have any friends nearby to talk about it with. A few times a month, I sometimes think about whether I should stay a brony, and the answer has always been yes so far.
  7. Wow, I just saw this one, and I actually thought it was really good! Dare I say it, this was the best nightmare story arc episode. The whole part about how Applebloom's shadow was the antagonist, how it was her own constant craving for a cutie mark (which shes been after since the beginning of the series) that was fueling her insecurities.... Wow... just wow.. I never expected something so deep from AB! The whole dreamscape feel of the episode was really well captured too! Not to mention Vinyl Tavi and Luna were all there too!!! I wish Luna had a more prominent role overall, but maybe in a
  8. Yes It was a great start!!! I think this might be my favorite season opener/finale! I never thought mlp could so cleverly tackle this kind of topic. As for the stallions, their cuts were supposed to be the same, since they all want to be Equal. Many Dictatorship, Marxist, and other controlling/authoritarian governments in the real world have a list of "recommended" or "preferred" hairstyles which they want everyone to conform to, such as in North Korea. If you look closely, the mares also have simliar haircuts, though they have about 2 or 3 different styles still, all of them are very
  9. Meh, I guess this one was okay. -_- It kinda felt like a setup episode to me; just an episode to make the castle more colorful for the rest of the season. And i agree with all the others saying it felt like S1 again, they're her best friend for crying out loud! :okiedokielokie: They should know what she likes, though I will say the ending was pretty good, the whole Golden Oaks root-chandelier really hit a chord with me, especially in comparison to the rather predictable feel of the rest of the plot. I guess maybe I was looking forward to more feels during the entire episode. The song was al
  10. They need to finish the Samurai Jack cartoon series. That show was the bomb, and then they just stopped it halfway through. Also, I wish JanAnimations hadnt gotten that C&D.
  11. Im not a super big gamer or Steam user but Civilization V is fun. In fact, when you start, its downright addicting. And there are a lot of pony mods made by lots of users, including yours truly. Edit: that pic is not mine
  12. The Boulder feels conflicted about Starlight Glimmer's untold backstory...

  13. I totally know that feel. I have a sister who I'm really close to, and that song almost made me cry manly tears of compassion (ALMOST! ) I like to think I'm her BBBFF, and that song pretty much sums up our "siblinghood."
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