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  1. What's up, evening dwellers? Anyone get up to some noteworthy moments tonight? :dash:

    Someone in my family has gotten a real thirst for model train sets recently. In the space of the last month, the downstairs living area has been basically transformed into a miniature railway city. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet, but if I can somehow get the thing to deliver tea and snacks up to my room, I will be a most happy horse. :wacko:

    I'll take a few pictures at some point.

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    2. Passion


      I fell asleep in front of PC for an hour out of exhaustion after I finished work! Although sad, it was kinda refreshing actually. My body told my brain its fed up with its... unreasonable demands.

      Also DH look, I'm just a user now! Bet you never thought I'll make it. My bonds are broken, my chains in dust. I am free to roam this world as a regular forum being. And so, lo and behold, you shall no longer be able to determine what does the chaotic evil Khajiit-Wolf hybrid has in his store! (With exception of all the Admin tools provided for that very reason)

      <Placeholder for maniacal laughter once I develop one>

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      hi hi, i woke up to find my phone doesn't charge anymore though i think it's an easy fix so no big deal, i also found out that Deviant Art made a complete restyling and has a new layout that showcases the art much better so i'm a happy valtasar

      heh, that sounds interesting, especially if you succeed on your quest to make it a tea/biscuit hauler

    4. Deerie


      XD mister darkie and his tea! Might aswell get a drone to bring it for you