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  1. Noone calls Silent Ponyville game? Really? I mean, it does exist but it's either an unfinished 3D prototype or an RPG maker adventure game. I've been trying to make a Silent Hill-like game for years but so far I only have an engine. No real story or levels. Or models even (except for Sunset Shimmer model) :I
  2. Why don't you use an already existing engine? MegaGlest is good enough for a fan project (https://megaglest.org/). It is free and open-source which means you can add whatever you want without any problems as long as you know C++. And for light changes like rebalancing or model changes you don't even need to change the source code. If we're to believe what is written on their web site...
  3. The project now has a blog: https://crazycoderscorner.tumblr.com/ There is some new info. It's not dead yet.
  4. This is a new version of my old (2013) "escape the room" game. New version only includes minor improvements and a new engine (kek) You may need to install VC++ 2010 redist, which is included in the download. Get it here: yadi.sk/d/YH1PXDTz3PuXcA Luna awakens in a strangely familiar throne room. Only doors are closed and there is nothing outside windows. Will she be able to escape? Use left mouse thingy to click on things and right mouse thingy to open inventory. Historical info here: https://junker-kun.deviantart.com/art/The-Moon-V2-716242416
  5. A new version: https://yadi.sk/d/dAXkHBHP3MxXYw Changes: -New renderer. It is possible now to use software renderer instead of pure canvas. What it means is less resolution but more advanced effects. It's buggy and unfinished yet, but it works. -Improved Textures Aaaaand that's it. No git yet either. This is my own backup file, so it may be deleted later. It also includes tools like animation editor but it won't work now since I haven't updated it.
  6. It's completely open source, but I think I'll upload it after I implement some other things. It's too early to do this as of now.
  7. Download it here: https://yadi.sk/d/UGVgTgUi3MdYTx Works in Firefox or in Chrome with security disabled (just use Firefox). This is what you get when you try making something out of s**t and twigs. I mean, come on, there is no way I'll make a game using only canvas as a rendering system. Or is there... Anyway, you can run around this simple 3D chunk of a city. At first the idea was to make something like Alone in The Dark (the first one) with pre rendered backgrounds (and there is some code left for that). But then I though "what if I make something like Another World but in 3D?". And there it is. A low-poly laggy 3D engine made entirely with HTML5 canvas (no WebGL) and using no textures (almost). Completely flat shaded, not even using gourad algorithm. Move with arrow keys. Hold shift to run. Hold F to aim and Space to shoot.
  8. Hey look, new pages! Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
  9. There are 3 pages in part 2 now (actually more is drawn but I'm, buffering it. Even though I don't have a schedule). Page 2 Page 3
  10. Hello there! I decided to finally publish this thing I had in my drawer for too long. The quality is not good and I can't do anything to improve it right now (too busy with my job, PG studies and making a game). Next parts will be published as somewhat cleaned sketches, so... uh... yeah. The reason is simple - there are two types of people. Those who dig read comics mainly for story and those who read them mainly for picture. My comic at this moment is for the former. Those who thought "Hey, a familiar title" would be right. This is a copied name of "A Certain Scientific Railgun" and there are some copied story elements. But aside from that, there is almost nothing copied from "To Aru" series. Almost... Ahem. Here are the links. The second part is already at the state of "sketches" (though there is only one page at the moment): Part 1 (14 pages) Part 2 (1 page as of now)
  11. I was making making a thing like this eith a friend some time ago. We based it on Russian, Italian and Japanese though and tried to make it as simple as possible to learn. We kiiiiiinda did but it stopped now and never got past version 0.5, I think. We need a lot of words...
  12. I wrote a little review. Do note that my first language is not English, so errors are to be expected. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YrjhlXZjWYQeSqqyqLeMthMjls1iDQ013z999uZoBYk/edit?usp=sharing Also, I didn't finish the game. Stopped at 7 level. Insta-kill monsters are not really my thing.