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  1. Well if there's infinite universes and infinite possibilities then yes, they probably do exist in some universe.
  2. Aw hell yeah Honestly who doesn't want a bit of pooh bear?
  3. Yeah ok


    I'm very sorry I couldn't help it they offered alot of money.
  4. Take it home then do whatever I could to make it happy and healthy.
  5. Yeah ok


    I have no idea it just disappeared.
  6. ;-;7 rip

    1. Yeah ok

      Yeah ok

      Memes die fast... It's the sad truth.

  7. Hopefully we'll get season 5 soon.
  8. It's really annoying no legit way to watch mlp.
  9. The meme life cycle is very short.

  10. Yeah ok


    Thanks for the advice even though I've been on these forums for almost a year I still have no idea what I'm doing.
  11. I would use a VPN service to get US netflix in the UK but apparently it gets your netflix banned. It's not worth the risk.
  12. Just as the title says is anyone going to play battlefield 1 on PC? I will so if anyone is as lonely as I am I'll be playing battlefield 1 on PC.
  13. Meh I don't really have any interest in it. I'll be playing battlefield 1... On myself.
  14. Has potential. But all the gimmicks might get the better of it.