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  1. I've seen a similar situation involving Quint from Mega Man II (Game Boy): In canon, he's an anticlimactic pushover whose only attack is a joke to avoid (and having no life bar, he suddenly gives up and escapes for no reason). As for fans treating him better than canon does, he's the titular protagonist of Quint's Revenge, a far superior re-imagining of said Game Boy game.
  2. Mayday, Mayday, SOS! The theme song of Tokkei Winspector.

  3. The MegaBrony

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Batman Unlimited Trilogy
  4. The MegaBrony

    Spoiler School Raze's plot

    Likely the same way Regular Show's season 7 finale led straight into Regular Show in Space, the fully serialized final season.
  5. The MegaBrony

    Do you sing out loud in public?

    I carved my own path You followed your wrath But maybe we're both the same The world has turned And so many have burned But nobody is to blame
  6. The MegaBrony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Starlight (The Cutie Remark): Ooo hahaha, you have nothing to threaten me with, Twilight! Nothing to do with all your magical strength!
  7. The MegaBrony

    What would you change in the 8th MLP season?

    No new characters. Focus on existing ones!
  8. The MegaBrony

    If Disney bought Hasbro.

    The show is now an all-CGI cartoon.
  9. The MegaBrony

    Mythical Creatures We Haven't Seen (Yet)

    The karakasa (Jumpershoot from Kirby is one).
  10. The MegaBrony

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    DuckTales: Treasure of The Lost Lamp
  11. The MegaBrony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Daring Do at the start of the final season: For the next 26 weeks, I am writing "Daring Do and Equestria's Final Friendship Battle", my biggest book ever.
  12. The MegaBrony

    What Animation Error Can You Remember The Most?

    In The Return of Harmony Part 1, either Twilight grew her horn back, or someone forgot to set its visibility to "off".
  13. The MegaBrony

    The Worst Season Of The Entire Series?

    Season 6 is pretty forgettable, with the exception of Top Bolt.

    This fan-made FiM series finale sounds a lot more exciting than the actual series finale is likely to be.

  15. The MegaBrony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    FiM's final villain in the second-to-last episode of the series: So the magic of friendship cannot be defeated? Well, no matter how powerful it is, Twilight still isn't an experienced fighter. Let's confront her physically so she can't use the magic of friendship. (Said final boss then has two goons restrain Twilight, knock her out stone cold, suppress her magic with a horn ring, and carry her to an unknown location. Unfortunately for him/her, popular action-oriented fandom interpretations of all other ponies ultimately save the day afterwards.) Princess Celestia at the start of the final episode: Equestria is not a place; never was. Equestria is a community. Any place can be Equestria. Only Ragnarok: Equus can stop this last villain and the rest of the ancient evils on this planet. Pinkie Pie at the end of the series: Good show! Jolly good show!