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  1. Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Pinkie (pre-series finale): I don't want to fight this last villain. His defeat could mark the end of our series of adventures.
  2. Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    The Aviators (2008 animated movie)
  3. I choose this song for FiM's final credits:

  4. General Media What were you a fan of the most before MLP?

    Mega Man was always my absolute favorite video game.
  5. Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Pinkie Pie (after a Storm Creature that Spike blasts is charred and lying still): No, not in front of the kids!
  6. Robbie Rotten: Don't let your kids watch Avengers Infinity War! Before you know it, they're gonna be crying all week!

    1. Randimaxis




      Good; they could use the toughening up...

      Bring on the tears.

  7. Spoiler Season 9 (possible spoilers)

    I have a bad feeling about this. Maybe the final villain will simply walk over and subdue Twilight in the second-to-last episode of the series? This prevents her from communicating and using the magic of friendship to save the day.
  8. Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Mega Man: The Fan Film
  9. Spoiler Would you want a season 9 synopsis leak?

    The series finale will very likely disappoint half the fanbase and it would be a good idea to be ahead of the game.
  10. Earth and Pegasus villain before the series ends?

    An Earth Pony villain would most likely rely on more advanced technology than usual.
  11. Will the final season be completely serialized?

    Each episode is a continuation of the previous one and conflicts are not resolved until the finale.
  12. Rescue team to save Twilight Sparkle

    Sportacus, Robbie Rotten, Bayonetta, Raiden (Metal Gear Rising), and Mega Man.
  13. That was the case with Regular Show (IN SPACE!) and the original Teen Titans cartoon. A completely serialized final season would be far more satisfying than only taking two (predictably formulaic) episodes to beat the final villain.
  14. Help a Villain Win!

    Any given villain: Just hire some mass-produced goons (such as Madan Senki Ryukendo's Tsukaima pictured below)... simultaneously walk over to Twilight (or Starlight if she's leading another group to oppose you), restrain her, suppress her magic with a horn ring, and duct tape her mouth shut before she ruins everything with the magic of friendship. That's a better idea than just breaking her spirit and/or taking away her magic. Only Chrysalis thinks of putting Twilight to sleep, but doesn't do the same to Starlight, thus getting everything ruined for herself. No matter how powerful the magic of friendship is, it can't do anything if the heroes can't communicate to invoke it. The clear point remains, the ONLY way Twilight can beat any of the villains is with the magic of friendship, so if the villains just cast a mute spell on her ASAP, or locked her in a magic-draining cage and sent it far away from anyone else, she would be powerless to stop them. Also, defeating Twilight and Starlight without their magic is literally as easy as walking over and subduing a school kid.