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  1. Since Kanon is slow and depressing, of course Robbie Rotten wouldn't like it. Where's the KanonFiction website for epic Kanon fanfiction?

  2. The MegaBrony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Spike to Roc: Flock off, feather-face!
  3. The MegaBrony

    Where do you think MLP will be in 5 years?

    Trixie got her own 3D Mega Man X video game (Starlight is Zero and Sunburst is Axl) whose Sigma equivalent mechanized Twilight to be a recurring boss (halfway through, Twilight is restored to normal and becomes permanently playable. When replaying levels [you can fight the bosses as many times as you want in one playthrough], stock Twiborgs are fought in Twilight's place).
  4. Who wants a 3D Mega Man X with Trixie as X and Starlight as Zero?

  5. The MegaBrony

    Worst online community?

    MyAnimeList. Its users love bashing anime they don't like instead of just pretending it doesn't exist and moving on. It's so toxic, I quit anime altogether (except for the occasional movie).
  6. The MegaBrony

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Batman for the Game Boy. A rare case where Batman actually uses a gun, leading to an easier Mega Man Lite.
  7. The MegaBrony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Twilight (to all secondary and background ponies): So here's the part where you make a choice. What if you could have that power, now? In every generation, six ponies wield the Elements of Harmony, because a bunch of ponies who lived thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful ponies. These six... (the ReManeing Six) are more powerful than all of them combined. So I say we change the rule. I say my power... should be our power.
  8. The MegaBrony

    Spoiler Speculation on what Season 9 will be like

    Chances are every major location on this show is going to be destroyed throughout the season. S9 might as well pull a Buffy and defeat the final boss by collapsing the whole city of Canterlot into a crater with him/her in it (except Equestria's timeline also gets replaced with G5's new one).
  9. The MegaBrony

    Spoiler Pomp and Circumstance in the Series Finale?

    This would be good too:
  10. FiM's final boss should be beaten by dropping the entire city of Canterlot into a crater.

  11. If you think that would be intense, just wait until you see this movie proposed on the Ideas Wiki: A Death Star destroys the School of Friendship (Discord can't escape in time because a Mechaniloid covered him in concrete beforehand), the Castle of Friendship turns into a hostile Metal Gear which the Mane Six have no idea what to do with (but Metal Gear-like enemies are part of X's and Zero's routine), and Sigma nearly beats X and Zero to death with only his fists before Trixie and Starlight come to their rescue and power up to even the odds. By the end of the final battle, Sigma gets his face burned, his stomach skewered with a saw, and his heart ripped out. Ouch.
  12. The MegaBrony

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    Rainbow Dash. She was in a ROM hack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  13. Zero vs Lord Tirek death battle: Zero is too fast and durable for Tirek to do any serious damage. Eventually, Tirek uses up all his energy in a powerful and flashy laser beam that only causes Zero to go Maverick and pay it back with a vengeance.