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  1. If you think that would be intense, just wait until you see this movie proposed on the Ideas Wiki: A Death Star destroys the School of Friendship (Discord can't escape in time because a Mechaniloid covered him in concrete beforehand), the Castle of Friendship turns into a hostile Metal Gear which the Mane Six have no idea what to do with (but Metal Gear-like enemies are part of X's and Zero's routine), and Sigma nearly beats X and Zero to death with only his fists before Trixie and Starlight come to their rescue and power up to even the odds. By the end of the final battle, Sigma gets his face burned, his stomach skewered with a saw, and his heart ripped out. Ouch.
  2. The MegaBrony

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    Rainbow Dash. She was in a ROM hack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  3. Zero vs Lord Tirek death battle: Zero is too fast and durable for Tirek to do any serious damage. Eventually, Tirek uses up all his energy in a powerful and flashy laser beam that only causes Zero to go Maverick and pay it back with a vengeance.

  4. The MegaBrony

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    The Boy And The Beast (a movie).
  5. The MegaBrony

    Spoiler Season 9 Wishlist

    Make Tartarus itself the final boss of the show. Magnetically pull all of Equestria's ancient evils back into Tartarus, then collapse Tartarus so nothing can ever get in or out again.
  6. No way. It'll baffle the children who watch it on TV thinking that they'll be fine if they miss an episode or two.
  7. Next Death Battle: Fanboy vs Chum Chum, then Tommy Oliver kills the winner in a massive explosion.

  8. The MegaBrony

    Does anyone else hate 'Time to Be Awesome"?

    YES! You Are A Pirate is more memorable than Time to be Awesome.
  9. Even with the power of three other princesses, Twilight can't compare to Mega Man X or Zero.

  10. If you want to know who won the Rainbow Dash vs Korra Death Battle, just ask yourself: When was the last time a new episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra was released?

  11. Somnambula! The moveset in this link is perfect.
  12. The MegaBrony

    Rate the above TV show?

    Never heard of that. Batman (Adam West, 1966)
  13. The MegaBrony

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    MiniDOOM 2, a platformer based on Doom.
  14. No more Tai and Agumon vs Pokemon trainer Death Battles, please! Tai vs. Red is enough, thanks! Just like Red, said trainers rely completely on their Pokemon to fight, and no matter how powerful the Pokemon, it relies on its squishy, unaugmented human trainer to come up with a strategy and will only attack Agumon and not Tai. Even if the trainer's Pokemon does manage to overwhelm Agumon, Tai will get mad and beat up the trainer, causing the Pokemon to stand there confused and therefore lose.