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  1. Im Back! Sorry I haven't been active!

  2. Today my friend said that hated me, no joke, and I said so it's no secret, you haven't noticed that I can see the words you write on sticke notes saying you hate me?

  3. Please report this person on DeviantArt! http://goldiethefuckingfox.deviantart.com/

    1. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      May I ask why?

    2. FrostBiteThePony


      Before her original account got banned, she stole art,actively told the original creator of the art to kill herself and laughed about it.

  4. FrostBiteThePony


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! *sends virtual hug*
  5. What makes my OC special is that she has a spilt personality and she is the elemental of ice
  6. FrostBiteThePony

    Hi Everypony

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!! *sends virtual hug*
  7. thank you all for the calm words
  8. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!! *gives a hug*
  9. FrostBiteThePony

    Hello everypony. :)

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! *gives a hug*
  10. FrostBiteThePony

    hello 0//0

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! * sends virtual hug *
  11. Yes I have thanks for asking! I started a Ask a Pony thing! Ask Frost:https://mlpforums.com/topic/149026-ask-frost/ Please, if you want to join my RP just pm me. RP:https://mlpforums.com/topic/149031-elements-rp/
  12. Like the title says I'm looking for people who would like to join this Elements RP! How does this work? Well first off, please pm me your character and his/her power, no time powers or really overpowered OCs please. If you want you may pm me if you want me to time skip. All powers besides time are allowed, if you have a power you don't know if allowed just pm me. NO I repeat NO inappropriate content or any gore and please keep swearing to a minimum. The first 4 people in the RP can be moderators in the RP if they want. My Playable OCS 1.Nature Swirl 2.Fire Wave 3.Wind Jewel 4.Spla
  13. My favorite thing is just welcoming newcomers and brohoofing posts!
  14. FrostBiteThePony

    Just a suggestion...

    A notification app would be cool but how would it notify you? Do you link it to your account?
  15. I think that having a gender symbol is good and bad for instance,someone could lie about their gender and/or may not want to show their gender but if someone wanted to show their gender they could but then again you can just click someone's profile and find out what gender they are.
  16. FrostBiteThePony

    Dark Theme

    I agree with this too. I would like a night time mode but then again you could just turn your brightness down.
  17. FrostBiteThePony


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! * sends virtual hug*
  18. I got here by a friend linking it to me
  19. FrostBiteThePony

    Hello world

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!! *gives virtual hug*
  20. I have started a Ask Frost! Just go to Ask a Pony!

  21. Ask Frost:https://mlpforums.com/topic/149026-ask-frost/

  22. FrostBiteThePony

    Heyo! :)

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! *gives virtual hug*
  23. FrostBiteThePony

    Ask Howl stuff

    I have about 6 or 10
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