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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. it's nature reminds me of norwegian nature. forests, lakes, mountains, wild animals, just bigger and more wild animals. and better politics.
  4. Spike at your service and princess spike. a few other episodes only have skippable parts (like spikes anthem at the games in the crystal empire)
  5. oh, i missed this thread...no wonder since it's "dead" from before i first came here i'm also norwegian and may contribute a little. and by now you have probably learned a little more. but i'm a tad curious, why norwegian? it's not really a great place (it's very overrated). or maybe i'll write that in norwegian to help a tad more? k oi, så visst ikke denne tråden, ikke overraskende siden den er "død" fra før jeg kom hit. jeg er også norsk og kan bidra litt. nå burde du ha lært litt mer. men jeg er litt nysgjerrig, hvorfor norsk? er ikke en så fantastisk plass (veldig overvurdert).
  6. hmmmm... *looks at posters, figurines, clothes, bags, books* my love for MLP is 100% hidden.
  7. i must really giggle at some people here. seriously, it's not bad at all to have such things in the show itself. if you think it's a problem, then maybe you are the problem? if it seems forced on kids if it's included, then what about all the other things being "forced" on them? same sex couples is just couples like straight ones, not some hocus pocus badus. one argument i've heard is that kids adopted by gays have a much harder time growing up because of the new parents. and it's really not helping it improve in the future by hiding it as much as possible, and especially not in kids in growing up. that's the time where they learn lots of things, and can easily be indoctrinated into things that really shouldn't be a issue in the first place. and if it hurts pony stuffs in countries where gay stuff is illegal, then i doubt they have much western influences anyway and is unlikely to watch the show at all. if it makes them have a bad ache in the posterior, then good, serves them right for their views.
  8. i did watch the trailer with my countrys language, norwegian, it was horrible enough that i never want to hear it again.
  9. First time we was a whole gang of bronies, cosplayers too. we was over 20, only 1 kid i think. actually the theatre had a whole event for us there and we got our own section of the theatre to wait for the movie to start since we was meeting up before it started. Second time there was a wide variety, cosplayers, several kids, fans and generally interested people. both showings was in the original english language, which at first was VERY unlikely, turned out to be quite the thing.
  10. norway is where i live, or northern norway to be more precise, and there seems like no theatres in norway, sweden nor denmark will air the english verison. and Zurich? well i do have 2 weeks of holidays left this year and i did indeed plan to spend them when the movie airs. i have nothing against a road trip.
  11. that's a...really silly way of thinking. no boss has any business about what movies the employees watch nor what they like on their free time.
  12. at first i said yes, but now i most likely won't. it's up to sweden now (or finland) if any show it with the original language.
  13. it seems like most countries won't show the movie with the original VA's, aka undubbed. that is a MAJOR turn-off. i absolutely refuse to watch it dubbed. and if no neighbouring countries shows it undubbed...then i won't see it in theatres.
  14. aaand i like those, for those reasons. i call it: stress relief
  15. i actually have always seen him as a background character. or atleast on the border to backgroundedness. sure he may have had some major roles to play, but still, so has many others that have much less screentime (Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Starlight, Trixie, Discord).