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  1. @Lil' Lovebug ((I will also do 1 person POV)) I sleepy open my eyes to see the sun shining though my bedroom window. I stretched out and got up out of bed. My hooves hit the wooden floors with a click. I walked out of my room and down stairs and went to the kitchen. I got some oats and began to eat breakfast.
  2. "But we do not have the elements of harmony." One pony spoke out. Mysterious turned to that pony." It does not matter, we will look for them after have over thrown King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis. But right now we must have bravery and loyalty. We must stick together and free the enslaved ponies and fight. They may come back, so we all must find the rebellion and join." Mysterious said. Mysterious said Lady Zechariah step though the crowd with Fairy Blossom. "Great speak Element of Bravey." Zecora said.
  3. @nx9100 @Strong Copper @Star48955 @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Kulstor "Thanks, Mister Ennex." She said before the group left. As the group left in the distance, Mysterious turned around to the citizens of Ponyville. Mysterious opened her massive wings and flew and landed on the statue of the fountain. "Residences of Ponyville, I will no longer toltate Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra. It is time we fight back, and we join the rebellion. We will no longer live in fear of them. Join me and Fight back." Mysterious said finishing her speech. Ponies nieghed in response and stomped their hooves in agreement. The Ponies of ponyville would now fight.
  4. @nx9100 "I will be. Do you know anyone renting apartments here? I need a place to stay while I study at the university." Mysterious asked Ravage thinking he was from around there. She her bat ears twitched a bit as she waited for answer. (( Do you think you could play Big mac in the New Elements of Harmony Theard?))
  5. Does anyone roleplay Big Macintosh?

  6. Forum Member Crush: @SlashBlaze Pony Crush:Big Mac IRL Crush: @SlashBlaze (( She is my girlfriend in real life))
  7. @Lil' Lovebug So is Amber Whiskey related to the Apples? Because I was thinking, because Mysterious Soul's future mate is Big Mac Apples and I was thinking that is how they meet each other.
  8. Mysterious was admiring the large buildings and everything around. When she ran it to a stallion, hard. She tumbled back and was sitting on her hindquarters. "I'm sorry, I should have looked where I was going." She said getting up off her hindquarters. She looked at the stallion in front of her who was in a full body suit. "The name is Mysterious Soul, but you can call me Myst." She said holding out her hoof. @nx9100
  9. "But Ennex look at these ponies, they have been though hell and back. I'm not showing weakness to them, but it would be good to let them just live in fear instead of them having their homes ripped apart." Mysterious said to Ennex. "These changelings were rough with Fairy Blossom, and will be the same to other fillies and foal, so please leave these citizens in peace, do it for me. I am a doctor and they are my right to protect and heal." She said.
  10. "Who are you?" Fairy Blossom asked Zecora. She looked up at the Zebra and gave a little smile. She felt save with Zecora, but missed Mysterious. She stayed close to Zecora and looked around. She shuffled her hooves and looked back up to the female Zebra. @Star48955
  11. Myst ran up to the changelings. "I think you have destroyed ponyville enough. Please leave, I will inform if I see this alicorn." Myst said to the changelings and Ravage. Myst messed with the dirt on the ground with her hoof. "You must leave." Myst demanded. @nx9100
  12. @Star48955 "Yes Lady Zecora, will you please take Fairy Blossom. I want her safe." Mysterious said to the rebellion. I must save the rebellion, Myst thought. She placed Fairy blossom down and loving nipped at the filly's mane. "I will come for you, Fairy Blossom." Myst said before she took off to stall the troop.