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  1. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA x'D) *Throw's multiple snowball's at @MirageBack*
  2. I pick lay's kettle chip's as they are salty delicious and sometime's chocolate sweet hersheys bars.
  3. Pizza because Burger's don't make me feel like tasting or eating them are good enough for me.
  4. My favorite kind of doughnut's are vanilla chocolate strawberry glaze and cream filling.
  5. I Currently don't have a Watch and i might never own one anytime soon until that time say's so to me.
  6. All i ate is currently Nothing but i rarely eat some breakfast whenever i needed too.
  7. Mcdonald's Chick Fil A Burger King Wendy's Pizza Hut and Subway. Those are my favorite place's to eat Lunch and Dinner Sometime's.
  8. Reese's Are my Favorite all time part of Candy and Kit kat's sometime's too.
  9. I have fallen my head off a Bed and bled with a minor head injury and worst my left eye got attacked but gladly i survived those horror story's.
  10. *Eep and Squee's!~ Huggle's and Boop's @Sky Gamer back*
  11. *Boop's the pony's @Alexshy @Rikifive @Cypherhoof @Rising Dusk @Longhaul @TigerGeekGuy @Sparklefan1234 @Jade Fire @Cypherhoof @SolarFlare13 and @Fluttershy Friend *
  12. I Prefer that Dog's are better for my House as my Dad doesn't like Cat's around his house since he's also allergic to them.