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  1. "Ben Stiller's doppelganger in... Something..."
  2. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Have we gotten to the point where claims of sexism have gotten so out of hand that people are willing to believe that blatant and obvious sexism is not sexist? Doesn't get much worse than blatantly calling women evil because they're female.
  3. Duskull

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Upset with a few people on the internet for a few different reasons. Between a content creator I used to like pretty much saying flatly that he's a sexist, and a couple of people I used to play a game with turning out to be absolutely miserable human beings also...
  4. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I can't believe there are people this toxic that will pretend to be your friend. Passive aggressive b!+ch with a lack of common decency.
  5. Brawl was insanely unbalanced and worse to play overall than the rest of the Smash Bros games (Ahh yes, Brawl Meta Knight, a character that can recover from anywhere with insane damage racking potential and even very reliable kill moves), but it had some absolutely cracked music. Listening to Meta Knight's Revenge from Brawl.
  6. Smash metas in a nutshell:


    N64: That one game Kirby was actually good.

    Melee: *Corneria theme plays* also Marth

    Brawl: *Meta Knight's Revenge plays* also sorta Snake?

    Smash 4: DLC = Win, especially Bayo and Cloud

    Smash Ultimate: A third of the roster is top tier

  7. Duskull

    Web Youtubers you hate

    Another to add: Dream. The way he's been deflecting, making accusations, and downright lying in the face of obvious proof that his speedrun was faked is kind of ridiculous. It's funny he accuses every YouTuber covering him of just calling him a piece of $#!+ while funny enough consistently proving them right.
  8. In 2020 (now that it's 2021, still seems no different than 2020 for you people hoping for better) I watched: The Expanse Star Trek: Picard First season of American Horror Story Twilight Zone reboot First season of Westworld Cowboy Bebop Ergo Proxy Helluva Boss (only two episodes because that's all that came out) Decent few others.
  9. Some of the UI issues seem to be getting fixed, profile pictures don't appear in the wrong place on posts anymore. Other than the issues it has with images it seems pretty decent.

  10. Oh right I never posted in this thread. What I got this year: 250 bucks A 256GB flash drive A ton of socks (as did everyone at my family's christmas, ) A tub of hot cocoa mix Also a lot of chocolate in my stocking
  11. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Yes, it's been 2021 for like half an hour. You can stop the fireworks now.
  12. 2021, aka 2020 part 2.

    1. Duskull


      Also forum looking a combination of snazzy and kind of scuffed. :dash:

    2. Woohoo



      Also forum looking a combination of snazzy and kind of scuffed.

      It's snuffled! Or is it scazzy? :confused:

      I have low expectations for 2021. It'll be "Diet 2020" at best... :mlp_wat:

  13. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    It's really not reasonable to verbally abuse the person you're supposed to love and then turn around and then whine about how they are "not doing anything for the relationship" (especially when you know that's just plainly false).
  14. From what I've heard it's likely going on a streaming service and that's a pretty solid fit for a show like Hazbin. I do think Adult Swim would fit as well, though honestly I think it would do worse there than on a streaming platform.
  15. I have more or less of a talent for mental math, though to some extent for math in general. Also I'm good at learning things I'm particularly interested in quickly, like game design concepts and stuff related to computers/technology. Though honestly I'm the furthest thing from a jack of all trades. Most other things aside from playing video games, I'm probably mediocre or worse at. Mostly, worse.
  16. I'm now somewhere along the lines of 5'10 and a half and I weigh about 150 pounds.
  17. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    For some odd reason I feel more extroverted than normal. I'm still thinking on what that would be.
  18. Duskull

    Web Youtubers You Like

    A continuation: 5up- Mainly watch his Among Us content, but he seems generally like a rather androgynous-ish chill person. Uncle Dane- He's like my TF2 counterpart (I play an engineer, in Paladins) except if peeps actually knew me. Veridis Joe- It's very interesting to hear his viewpoints on things, and he seems like a pretty nice guy in general. CS188- I like YTP in general, but CS188 is pretty much the best there is at the craft of making said videos good. Hungrybox- Even if I don't care for Puff much in Smash, HBox is just HBox. PaladinsPro- I don't gene
  19. Simple version- Gay. Complicated version- Gay...-ish. What some people might call a homoromantic pansexual. D@mn 5up's way of explaining his own sexuality makes explaining mine a heck of a lot easier.
  20. Duskull

    Health Do you vape?

    I know a good few people who vape (most of them used to smoke), but I personally don't vape or smoke and have interest in neither.
  21. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    It's 2020, almost 2021, and there are people that exist that are offended that we don't live in a society where women are treated like slaves.
  22. Duskull

    Web Youtubers You Like

    Secular Talk- Makes actually informative as well as sometimes funny political content. He is sometimes wrong, but it's not like there's ever been somebody who's perfectly correct on everything. He also doesn't think he's smarter than everyone else which is nice. Pokémon Challenges- I like his reactions to other people's Nuzlockes mostly, but also like watching his Nuzlockes sometimes. Alpharad- Internet funny man is funny. Adam Millard, Architect of Games- Very informative and interesting content on game design, interestingly useful takes. Not always mine, but interesting takes
  23. I'd change Borderlands 1 to Borderlands 2 now (All 1, 2, and 3 are probably top 20 games in my book at least, but 2 is now top 3 for me of all time honestly), but otherwise this for these. Continuation: Final Fantasy- Final Fantasy IV (VI is really good as well, never played VII but it seems a bit overrated) Kirby- Kirby Super Star Ultra Etrian Odyssey- Etrian Odyssey 3 Halo- Halo 3
  24. Ahh yes, 2007 YouTube in 2020. Morshu in Real Life.
  25. People who are willfully ignorant of the reality around them and lie to protect their twisted perceptions.
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