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  1. Granted but since you always have something to do you never have a moment to rest. I wish for the power to teleport at will.
  2. Well there you go. You're quote alone can give strength. Hope it helps someone.
  3. I've come across the MLP forums many times and I even abandoned my old account and hadn't planned to return until recently when I made this new account. My point being, I've seen a lot of depressed people on these forums. Sure there are some positive folks roaming around these parts but the depressed ones stick out like a sore thumb to me. This is part of the reason as to why I'm making this thread and is what will lead to my question which is the title of this thread. What fills you with inner strength? What makes you feel strong, determined, brave, focused, good? I don't care how depressed some of you may be, we all have moments when we experience something that lifts our spirits even if it's temporary. For me it's music, I'm easily effected by it. If I'm feeling sad or angry, music can lift my spirits and make me feel epic. It can even calm me if I'm really in a bad place. Here's an example of a current song that I'm listening to (hope it shows up in my post. lol) : This song always makes me feel epic and gets me out of a rut pretty quick. So yeah, What gives you strength when you're at your worst? Maybe this thread can become a place where we can find some strength when moods are low so share what you got!
  4. My mood is easily effected by music so i'm feeling pretty boss right now.
  5. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. You're all real boss in my book!
  6. "Well that was a waste of 11 dollars. Thanks Steam midweek madness!"
  7. Just pre-purchased a game on steam called Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and was wondering if anyone on the forums is considering getting it too. Wouldn't mind playing it with a fellow brony since it has online multiplayer. :D

  8. No I can't say I remember us meeting before I left since I tend to keep to myself (one of my many many flaws) but nevertheless, thank you for the welcome back!
  9. Doing pretty good actually. Ever since I started watching mlp again, it feels as if I'm reliving the first time I watched the series. It's a wonderful feeling!
  10. Hello folks. It's a pleasure to meet you all and you can just call me Wicked. I'll be straight with you all by letting you in on a little secret. This isn't my first rodeo with this website. I was a member a long time ago on this very same forum but I was a bit of a lurker so no one knew about me except for a few souls who I somehow ended up befriending. I ended up abandoning my old account and it feels like years since I last visited this place. I didn't leave the mlpforums on bad terms or anything, I just couldn't seem to make/keep any friends (probably because of my introvert nature) that I came across and the forums got a little boring. I also stopped watching mlp for a long time once I left the forums but that's all changed. I'm a returning brony and as a result decided to make an account here to be part of the community again. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta catch up on some mlp. I'm currently up to season 4 episode 20 (please don't hit me! ) Oh! by the way, my favorite pony is Screwball but this thread only had the mane six as options so I couldn't choose her.