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  1. YoshiAngemon

    Spoiler Teaser for Second Half of Season 8 at SDCC!

    Considering it's a Kid's Show, No. We won't even see him get banished to Tartarus, either! I predict that he'll be demoted to Janitor while Abacus Cinch or Cheerilee get promoted to Head of the EEA, and imagine Neighsay cleaning up after Yaks, Hippogriffs, Changelings AND Dragons! The filth those things can produce can be SO Degrading to someone as Scrub-Monkey Third Class as AOSTH's own Coconuts! I imagine Coconuts would've been equally unhappy as Superintendent of Scrap Valley's Robot Condos, but Coconuts is too loyal to Robotnik to even quit!
  2. YoshiAngemon

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    At least it's not so bad. I just wish that Pinkie's Parents could've seen how gray she became, and how proud of it they would've been.
  3. YoshiAngemon

    Time to head to Comic-Con

    Good luck out there, and have some fun.
  4. Is it me, or am I in a hapless rut so much that I am willing to fall asleep watching the Beverly Hillbillies, and dream about being in a Dire Straits/Weird Al Music VIdeo?

  5. YoshiAngemon

    Being naked

    I wish. As much as I would like being naked by choice, I keep to myself about it. I only wish I could go to the places I've heard of where nudism is perfectly legal. Two problems are that my mom wouldn't want me to go to such a place, and the costs of Public Transportation in getting to these places. Of course, I'd LIKE to channel my inner nudist by wanting to play some nude mods of some things, but I lack certain games like Cave Story +, so that's why I back a naturist on Patreon.
  6. YoshiAngemon

    S08:E17 - The End in Friend

    I smell a Cutie Map Mission in the episode that requires BOTH Rainbow Dash and Rarity. And one that pops up MID-Episode, at that!
  7. YoshiAngemon

    Spoiler Yakity-Sax possibly airing early

    We need less major criticisms. It's not like we need a Cutie Map Mission between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, one that involves Yakyakistan. - This chart represents the Mane Six in Map Missions. They grey lines represent pairings that have yet to undertake a mission in the show, You'd probably want a mission that pairs both of Andrea Libman's roles together, just to make the two question each other's friendships, only to realize it's also a form of a trust exercise.
  8. If Rarity were nicknamed Rare, would her clothing designs be considered... RAREWEAR (Rareware)? Also, I wonder how the Equestrian Magic keeps seeping in. Could this one have something to do with whatever Cozy Glow has in mind for "School Raze?"
  9. YoshiAngemon

    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    Months ago, on the day my cat Sox died, I bought Starlight Glimmer from the Build-A-Bear Workshop. I owe it to her for getting me back into the Beast Wars, and eventually, the TransFormers. I might end up going after Sunset Shimmer this week.
  10. YoshiAngemon

    After skipping last year, My Little Pony may have a new SDCC Merch

    I should try to get these as a Hearth's Warming Gift for my niece, and maybe for myself. I wonder if Pinkie Pie's headband would glow like on the Money For Nothing Music Video!
  11. My final purchase at Toys R Us, it turns out, was a 98 cent Yo-Kai Watch, and it fits adult size wrists no probalo.

  12. Two years ago, I missed out on the NES Classic Editiion, due to the scalpers who sought to monetize the thing. Tomorrow, I will do no such thing. After weeks of putting aside the necessary funds, I can safely say that the NES Classic Edition is as good as mine.

  13. YoshiAngemon

    Spoiler 2nd half of S8.

  14. YoshiAngemon

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    It was weird, but I think what Daimando said about Twlight's clone being like Starscream made it clear to me: I MUST GET BACK INTO THE TRANSFORMERS! It was Starlight Glimmer's actions from the Cutie ReMark that drove the first nail in with me getting the Beast Wars. It was Daimando releasing a TransFormers: More than Meets the Eye recap that pushed me further back towards Cybertron. Now that I see that Twilight Sparkscream's attitude is a tribute to the original, I MUST get back into the TransFormers, including buying the 30th Anniversary Edition of the OG Movie on Blu-Ray!
  15. YoshiAngemon

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    The Starscream Twilight inspires me to pursue a career in amateur voice acting! I shall do my own take on G1 Megatron, delivering the FULL Message to the Predacons that find that Golden Disk!