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  1. I kinda figured it would be Sunburst, and it makes sense, since I may have seen the ending in the final episode that implies it.. But you'll get nothing else from me.
  2. I'm thinking more along the lines of Sunburst.
  3. It was a good episode. I was fortunate to have a download of the episode, due to me missing it when it aired. I liked that it has Rarity dealing with Spike's growing up and such.
  4. I missed the first part of the episode, so I had to arrive late, but I would've wanted Discord to enjoy the chaos. But I'm sure he wasn't the kind who would enjoy Chaos that happens to his friend Fluttershy.
  5. Well, that would make for something.
  6. All that mollycoddling that she may have experienced may have twisted her psyche into wanting to become an Empress more than "Their Little Princess." I mean, look what it did for Angelica Pickles.
  7. I missed the episode due to a trip to Castle Island I ended up taking.
  8. If you thought Twilight's anxiety is bad now, wait until she has to face Grogar. Maybe all this anxiety would be so bad she'd be better off Evil, and become Princess Midnight Sparkle! Or she'd be crying, asking herself if she's truly worthy of being Celestia's Successor.
  9. Well, as evidenced by her now-tarnished Library Return Record, Twilight is already imperfect.
  10. You know, I think Twilight is afraid of imperfection. Here's a news flash: NOPONY'S PERFECT, NOT EVEN SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG! See for yourself!
  11. Well, Twilight was worried about keeping her Perfection Rate up, when she was to return a late library book. Maybe she's not supposed to be a Perfect Princess, I mean, a Perfect Princess would set a bad example for Equestria. I mean, if Twilight has such a Perfection Problem, then she might end up turning into Midnight Sparkle out of imperfection!
  12. A question: Does Twilight even NEED to keep her winning streak alive if she is gonna be Ruler of All Equestria? It would give the Princess something to gloat about. Like when White Bomber had TWO BOMB STARS out of the Seven to become a Real Bomberman. I speak of Bomberman Jetters, an anime I watched on Youtube.
  13. And who do YOU think should rule Equestria in her place? Prince Blueblood? He's only fit to be a Diplomat, and even his performance at the Grand Galloping Gala was terrible! And he is related to his Aunt Celestia HOW?! I think that @SaburoDaimando is gonna have his version of Prince Blueblood banished to be with Barney the Dinosaur (whom I have a feeling that Cream will happily enjoy), because he has an SFM Model! I mean, it's not like Twilight will resign as Queen Of All Equestria and give it back to the people, and let them handle Equestria!
  14. Well, we're getting a Live Special. Not the best way to continue G4 into next year, but it works. I wonder if I should get tickets for my niece and I...
  15. According to @SaburoDaimando, it ranks between the Theatrical Cut of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Ultimate Edition! A 3.5 out of 5 at best on his book. But I'd rather say that this is the "Batman vs. Superman" of My Little Pony!