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  1. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    More like they would need to pay extra to have the voice actress reprise her role from the Movie! Or they need to cast a perfectly good sound-alike to do the job for TV. Still, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have differing opinions, but nopony ever listens to Apple Bloom, the boring one of the bunch, characteristically speaking. What does Scootaloo have? Tiny Wings, What does Sweetie Belle have? Horn and Magic. And what does Apple Bloom have? NOTHING! She's just an ordinary Earth Pony. But then, she has her hooves that can help till the soil, etc. She is the moral glue that keeps the team together.
  2. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Well, it's not like Rarity or Twilight would design some Prosthetic wings for underdeveloped Pegasi that would actually WORK!
  3. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    I don't even have a Switch. I could've, but I had to make do with a PS4 and an SNES Classic Edition. I needed another 500GB to upgrade the system to properly handle any more Final Fantasy titles.
  4. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    It's not as easy as Daxter's choices: "Stay fuzzy, save the world... Choices." In all realism, Daxter NEVER had a choice, because Light Eco wouldn't even turn Dax back into his human self, because the Dark Eco blessed him into becoming a Precursor, an OTTSEL!
  5. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    I never saw some of the earlier CMC episodes, but I STILL think that Scootaloo needs to eat some of the things she hates, just to have proper wing growth. I mean, it's not like her parents are actually Earth Ponies, or even Unicorns, or are TOO busy to teach her how to fly and develop her wings better. I mean, Sonic eats Chili Dogs all the time, but if you DON'T have the metabolism rate HE'S got, you're gonna be as fat as that Egg-belly slow-mo, Dr. Robotnik. The message conveyed in AOSTH's Too Tall Tails says it best: you need a proper diet to keep yourself in check.
  6. It's not like MLP would end up on the new Universal Kids Channel. I never heard of it, but my sister has it. I only wish that channel had their own wingnutty peanut butter loving birdbrain, Woody Woodpecker! I liked his movie! And for the record, Scott McNeil is in "Woody Woodpecker" as Nate Grimes, one of the two poacher brothers who try to catch that bird. Also, after the film, you're treated to "Niagara Fools" a fan favorite short!
  7. In my recovery, the left portion of my teeth are sensitive to COLD drinks, and yet I can drink a nice hot chocolate without problems. I hate this part of the process.

  8. Spoiler Theory on Season 8's finale

    I say "METEORS to your Legacy Mythos!" I'd rather Scorpan be named KING of Tirek's lands, due to Tirek being in Tartarus for so long, and it lead to the Mane Six to help Tirek win the favor of the locals, and to reconcile with Scorpan.
  9. S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    I suppose I owe this much to Starlight Glimmer: Her actions inspired me to buy the Beast Wars 15th Anniversary DVD Box Set complete with the Prequel Comic about how the Maximals chased after the Predacons to Prehistoric Earth to start The Beast Wars! Not just Starlight, but also BOTH G1 Megatron and Beast Wars Megatron, were single-minded, and only looked at one thing: In Starlight's case, control over her village, and in the case of the Megatrons, making sure the Autobots LOSE the Great War, by killing their leader Optimus Prime! Starlight forgot about the REST of Equestria, and how it would be affected by the changes, and the Megatrons forgot about one thing: And the Answer is UNICRON! In 2005, if BW Megs were successful in changing the timeline, Unicron would arrive at Cybertron, to feast, and with no Autobot Matrix of Leadership to stop him, he will feast unchallenged. It was Starlight Glimmer who inspired me to get back into the Beast Wars, including all instances where Waspinator gets blown to scrap! And it also acts as the PRIME reason I want to get her Build-A-Bear Plush after waiting so long! Also, once Beast Wars character models hit Source FilmMaker, I want to voice Optimus Primal AND BW Megatron, even Waspinator, for the eventual recap of Beast Wars Parts 1 and 2 by @SaburoDaimando. I can easily see Starlight meeting Megatron and learning that he and she were not too different, and suggest that if he were open to the Magic of Friendship, he wouldn't even USE the scheme of his namesake to exact vengeance, and maybe he'd consider turning Cybertronians into Vehicons, instead, yesss.
  10. Spoiler Spoilers regarding Spike

    More or less, it would more likely be Twilight, since she also has wings, and she initially didn't have as much control over them, but now she can use them like second nature, since it's been five years since she became a Princess.
  11. When I saw Rampage, all I could think of at the end is Baloo's fake death, and the following words from Bagheera:


    As for Ready Player One, it suddenly puts me in the mood for wanting a model kit of the Original Gundam, once piloted by Amuro Ray.

  12. episode discussion S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    If you ask me, she's got TOO Many responsibilities to even be the SAME as Sonic the Hedgehog! I'd say she's more like that nice boy Mario! Sonic the Hedgehog's ONE RESPONSIBILITY is Defeating Dr. Eggman! Rainbow Dash is a Teacher, a Wonderbolt, AND a hero! How can Sonic juggle more than that with his speed? HE CAN'T!
  13. episode discussion S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    I'm afraid that if she were to learn a lesson, it's that if she REALLY wants to experience speed, then she can just do a Sonic Rainboom, since she IS a Wonderbolt, and as a Wonderbolt, she is duty-bound to take responsibility for the safety of her peers, and that means she must NEVER ride the roller coaster! Personally, she's better off doing a DOUBLE RAINBOOM, and warping to another dimension, like The City of Townsville! After all, she is a Wonderbolt, and tied with Sonic the Hedgehog for the title of "Fastest Thing Alive!" Seriously, dude! GOTTA GO FAST!
  14. Why is it for some spooty reason, I want to buy The Angry Beavers on DVD, next? I mean, my tooth pain is around, but at least I'm getting better. I just hope I'll be able to go to the Drive-In on Saturday.