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  1. @Samurai Equine Outside of Friendshire, two earth ponies discuss what they should do next. "That pony was... strange. Do you think he was telling the truth?" "Yes, now that we're close, I can sense the kind of magic used here, and it's like he told us. I heard of enchanted comic books that let you be a part of the story, and it looks like it's also possible with... what are they called?" "Video games. Is it safe for us to go there?" "It should be safe, it's not like if you die in the game, you die for real... I hope so, at least. But I don't think we should both go. I'm not used to these modern things, and I need to rest after the long journey. So you go into the game and have your fun, and I'll just camp here and see if anything interesting happens outside these walls. When the game is over, the light should disappear. Then I'll enter the town." "If you think it's better this way, then I'll do as you say. Wish me luck!" He did, and then Tree Song stepped into the light.
  2. @Samurai Equine "Time magic is confusing and dangerous indeed, that's why I never even tried to use it myself. You say I can ask one more question about you? Well, the one that comes to my mind is what's your goal in life? In other words, why are you doing all this temporal magic? If it makes you more willing to answer, I can tell you what my goal is: I search for magical anomalies to protect the ponies and other inhabitants of these lands. Many times I warned the authorities (including Princess Celestia on occasion) about bad things that were going to happen. I'm not widely known because I prefer to remain in the shadows as much as possible, but I have my role in making Equestria a safer place. I'm getting old though and I need a successor, that's why I'm teaching my craft to this talented young mare." "That's me! I'm learning how to protect Equestria from evil magic. By the way that video game thing sounds like fun, I definitely want to be a part of it!" Tree Song remarked enthusiastically. "We'll talk about that later, now we should let Mr. Premonition answer my question."
  3. @Samurai Equine The old earth pony bows back. "I'm sorry I won't tell you my name, but I have a policy of giving out as little information as possible. There are records of me before I became who I am now, and my enemies could use that information against me. The less they know, the better. For the same reason I don't use magic unless absolutely necessary. All magic leaves traces. Anyway, I'm a druid and I'm usually known as 'nopony', so you can call me that. And here is my apprentice, who doesn't have any objections to revealing her identity." "Hello, I'm Tree Song. Nice to meet you." "So, we were tracking potentially dangerous magical anomalies, and that brought us here. You're dealing with temporal magic, I presume? You seem to be familiar with this place, so what can you tell us about it?" "And why do you have so many clocks?"
  4. @Samurai Equine After many days of traveling, two ponies were finally nearing their destination. The druid had noticed many residual effects of strong magic in the wilderness: strange behavior of animals, a twisted tree here and there, unusual lights at night... It was all leading to that place. The maps didn't indicate anything special there, but for an experienced observer the clues were clear: there must be something highly magical at that location. They climbed on a hill, from which they had a good view of the area in question. "WHAT. IS. THIS. THING?" Tree Song asked, pointing at intense light emanating from what appeared to be some kind of a walled structure. "I don't know, but it looks like we found what we were looking for. A magical anomaly, and a big one at that." "It looks so overwhelming! Have you seen anything like it before?" "No. It can be a trap, so we need to be extra careful. But we must get closer to find out what it is." And so they did.
  5. In this case I don't want to skip that, it should be an interesting conversation...
  6. What kind of time-based magical effects do you have in mind? Changing the past so it's like my characters were in the game from the beginning? I'm OK with my characters having a limited role in the game, so I think I'll pick the second option.
  7. OK, you can count me in, and tell me more about these two ways. Recently I was preoccupied with upgrading my computer, but now I finished it, so it's a good time for me to start RPing. I have no idea what's going on with that video game, which it's probably a good thing, as my characters shouldn't know that either.
  8. Hello @Samurai Equine, it's me again. I was thinking about my involvement in this RP, and decided that it would be better if I have two characters. So if you don't mind, I would like to also control this one: NAME: Tree Song AGE: Young Adult GENDER: Female SPECIES: Earth Pony OCCUPATION OR DESIRED JOB: Druid's Apprentice ABILITIES/TALENTS: She can sing beautifully. Her song can also be used to communicate with plants to some degree - she can acquire information about the general condition of the plant and what's "bothering" it. PERSONALITY: Curious, talkative, outgoing. She loves to explore new places and learn new things. ANY OTHER IMPORTANT/RELEVANT INFORMATION: She travels with the druid known as "nopony", hoping to learn from him and someday become a druid herself. DESCRIPTION AND/OR REF IMAGE: This is what I managed to do in the Pony Creator (cutie mark drawn by me), donut steel
  9. Thank you, let me know when it's time for him to enter the story.
  10. It's due to the aforementioned magical anomalies. He doesn't know that the town is there, but he sees some signs that there is unknown magic at work, and he's going to investigate the issue. And I'm OK with him staying there for a longer time.
  11. I know, I just needed some time to think about my character. So here it is: NAME: "Nopony" (he doesn't want to disclose his real name) AGE: Hundreds of years (exact age unknown) GENDER: Male SPECIES: Earth Pony OCCUPATION OR DESIRED JOB: Druid ABILITIES/TALENTS: He can channel the forces of nature to achieve various magical effects, like healing, conjuring lightning bolts, charming animals and accelerating plant growth. He does it very rarely though, and only in times of great need. He has a large amount of knowledge accumulated through the years. PERSONALITY: Calm. Secretive. He doesn't talk much, and likes to listen what others have to say. He believes that logical thinking is the best way to solve problems. ANY OTHER IMPORTANT/RELEVANT INFORMATION: He travels the world, searching for magical anomalies, which can lead to important information about possible threats to Equestria, or uncover some ancient mysteries. DESCRIPTION AND/OR REF IMAGE: (Basically it's a ponified version of my avatar, which is the Druid from the game Age of Wonders.)
  12. OK, I will post the form tomorrow. And I don't want to jump into the current event, I can wait.
  13. I'm holding Boulder up like this: (giggles) You're so funny, Maud! Pinkie... What? You're not supposed to be in this thread. If you say so...
  14. Yes, deep inside she is a loving, caring pony.
  15. They are earth ponies, so they aren't "up". Seriously though, Limestone is preparing to run the rock farm by herself. Our parents are getting old, so they can't work very hard anymore. Maybe she will find a candidate for her husband, although it can be hard with her attitude. Perhaps the Pairing Stone will help her. And Marble is a mystery even for me. She will probably leave the farm, but I have no idea what she's going to do with her life.
  16. I teach various things, but regardless of the class I mostly talk about rocks. I did Pinkie's laughter class once, I showed the students my stand-up comedy performance.
  17. Yes, sometimes I work there as a substitute teacher.
  18. Yes. Pinkie cares a lot about me. I'm deeply grateful to her. Sometimes she tries too hard to make me happy though, as in the case of my friendship with Starlight Glimmer.
  19. Never! The changelings must return to the old ways permanently. I think I'd take it. Being evil is fun, but I guess all fun must come to an end eventually, am I right? It depends if I'm still allowed to rule after being reformed.
  20. At first I helped her and gave her advice, but now she's doing a very good job by herself. So don't worry, pony dreams are in good hooves now.
  21. I don't want to interfere with Rainbow Dash's work.
  22. Yes, I can do it if I want to. But it's no longer my duty.