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  1. I think there safest bet for them to believe that they are real is to make videos of them walking around and going on adventures. I doubt anyone would go out of there way to animate all of that. If they are real I would ask the villain's some questions.
  2. I said this once and I will say it again. I got into mlp because I was board and was not really into anything between 2010-2012. I was not trying to look for some deep meaning or trying to change my ways just something for fun. mlp was one of the things in the 2010's that made things more fun.
  3. Lets say they release it only on adult swim and the movie is rated R what would you do?
  4. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    To all of you do you agree that the best version of any reality is the one in which you have the most power over?
  5. If it was up to me I would keep gen 4 for longer. Like have it the same or similar ending. It ended a little to fast for my liking.
  6. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    To all of you: Would you rather be able to get away with any lie or know the answer to any answerable question?
  7. If it's going to be about them constantly arguing on soical media on how to solve a friendship problem I'll will wait for gen 6.
  8. I know I'm late but one of the reason that gen 4 was good is because they had to struggle there was no easy answers. Myths and superstition are able to thrive as long as there is enough people or ponies that don't know the truth. Once the internet or being able to easily communicate with other's then problems of any kind becomes harder to make or last long.
  9. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Hey cozy glow what do you think of this song
  10. If I don't like the first three episodes will wait for gen 6.
  11. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    To Tirek, Crystalias, and Cozy Glow: does magic in your world keep making more magic or is the amount of magic in your world have a set amount? To Tirek,cozy glow,chrysalis: Is it possible for a creature to be more powerful than discord and more power than that creature and so on or is there a limit to how powerful a pony or creature can get when it comes to using magic?
  12. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    To all: Do you think its better to have low expectations or high expectations?
  13. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Too chrysalis,cozy glow,king sombra: Would you take this deal if it was real?. You can rule equestria for a century or 100 years but you have to become reformed after words?
  14. thenote23

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Too king sombra: Do you prefer to be in you're pony body or your smoke form? Too all of you: Are you aware of other magical artifacts that enhances you're magical abilities such as the Alicorn Amulet?
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