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  1. Hello everypony! I've been trying to think of a Super Smash Bros. move set for the Storm King. I plan to mod him into Super Smash Bros. Brawl someday. The Storm King would use his Staff of Sacanas as a weapon and would basically be a slower but more powerful Marth with a more extreme tipper mechanic. His A attacks would be identical to Marth's but slower. The tip of the Staff of Sacanas is electrically charged, so it would do more damage than the tip of Marth's sword, and the Staff of Sacanas is longer than Marth's sword, giving it more reach. However, the hilt of the Storm King's scepter
  2. One thing I really don't like about the movie is those orbs that the villains use in the beginning. Apparently, they can pierce through Alicorn shields and they can instantly turn anyone they hit into crystal. Then, all it would take to kill the victim is a sufficient amount of force such as a magic blast or dropping the victim onto the ground. They're stupidly overpowered and their existence, how they're made, how they work, etc. is not explained at all. It seems like they were a cheap way for the writers and villains to remove characters from the story. Good writing doesn't show a powerful a
  3. I've always thought that the stone form of characters who are turned to stone in fiction are indestructible. Then again, the Storm King shatters into pieces, but isn't obsidian more fragile and brittle than rock?
  4. There was a fan fic I read where some characters including Tempest Shadow get sent to the Pokémon World. It's this one, but the specific detail I'm about to refer to isn't until I think somewhere in the Chapter 80s, and the fan fic has 100 main chapters. In the fan fic, the Pokémon World's scientists and doctors use their much better technology to take a sample of Tempest Shadow's horn and DNA and use it to 3D print her a new horn, and the new horn works. I don't see Equestria getting that kind of technology for a LONG time, though, and there might have to be a few wars or other huge crises in
  5. Hello, I just joined. I'm slightly autistic and have been into My Little Pony since 2015. I've seen every episode and special except Rainbow Roadtrip. I've seen My Little Pony: The Movie and the first 4 Equestria Girls movies. I haven't seen any of the shorter Equestria Girls specials. I also read a lot of My Little Pony fanfiction. I really want to read the comics but I haven't been able to yet. I don't like Equestria Girls. I don't think humans belong in My Little Pony. I think the Equestria Girls are better off being Pokémon Trainers. I'm in the process of making some My Little Po
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