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Midnight Sparkle FanClub!


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I'm surprised nobody has started this yet..



Myself personally loved Midnight Sparkle (Twilight Sparkle's Evil Form, human twi ofc)


I mean, her design for the magic transformation was just too freaking awesome... so... without further ado, i present the fan club page! (Hopefully a mod approves this.. :/ )


Post your images now.


My favorite will be this:



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With Adagio as a strong competition, Midnight Sparkle is the cutest character in EG :bedeyes:

Now, the artist Uotapo finally drawn some Midnight in his gallery  :icwudt:


Yes, she's the cutest~  :wub: <3 ;)


Love for Twilight will never change ^.^

@@MLPFanatic34 You post too much images, I love it but I can't quote your post -.- 

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I haven't seen the entire movie yet but HOLY CRAP WAS THAT SCENE AMAZING!!

Can't directly post images atm so here's a link :P


I absolutely ADORED how even as a villain her voice still had that little gasp in it! When she was laughing just after she transformed XD That really showed that even though it's a different Twilight, it's still Twilight.

Edited by yayayayayala :3
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