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  1. Awesome name and avatar.

  2. *peeks in after receiving a familiar email* There are people here? I haven't been to this place in ages... Some of the old Tulpamancers survived I see. Incredible. Through the personality shifts and instances I have been through, I'm surprised mine have survived. And so resiliently as well. Makes me glad to see at least I'm not one in a million for keeping mine. Given the fact that we are purposely made to be immune to most weaknesses found in Tulpae, I find it not surprising. It's been the opposite for us... Everywhere we go, more people try and make em. It's a disease. Shush you. Though it has been true... But... on the other hand, I think life has become far brighter since. Heck, now work seems to be more of a game than a chore. Tulpae magic adding video game style graphics to give it a more artistic flair, designing imagery and visuals you'd never thought possible, and even just having something(s) to cuddle with every night. I'd say this in a conclusion statement of all my Tulpa experience in this thread: Mission Successful. Don't know if I'll stick around, but I'll remember this place. I may drop by if this place livens up again sometime, maybe...
  3. I'll give you credit where credit is due, you have an excellent perception on this. You're actually spot on on the ideas and concepts revolving around the idea. Everybody listen to this faggot, he has the right idea! However, I would argue that everyone has the CAPACITY to create a tulpa... However, not everyone has the will, nor should they make one, according to circumstance and personality. Down to earth, honest people who have constant companionship in the form of friends would be the least likely to form a Tulpa. And while the bond between Tulpa and person is more powerful than any physical relationship, it does not contain the same tangebility, and thus the effects on your lifestyle that such friends would bring. However, that does not mean a Tulpa could be a means to help the user to gain more real relationships. It's entirely up to you.
  4. Implying that we aren't all inherently insane in our own ways... Implying that getting rid of a Tulpa is hard if you truly don't want one. Implying that MLP aint stayin' around. (Booya! Triple Whammy!) And um... I'd like to say something... How do you like 'dem apples?
  5. Everything seems to be in order according to what I see. Nothing out of the norm. Your Tulpa appears to be growing at a good and healthy rate, and is showing signs of individualism early. A good sign. The migraines may or may not be caused by Tulpa forcing. If one is prone to getting them, they might have a higher risk. Regular, over-counter pain killers shouldn't hinder any progress. Most medications won't, through personal experience. I even find stimulants help me focus sometimes. Unless you start messing with mind altering, or nerve centered medications like strong opiates, seizure or psycho treatments, or anti-depressants, then I'd worry about it messing with the ability to force.
  6. First post in the thread. Hello! Do you have a plan on who your Tulpa will be? (And make sure to look back at the first post if you haven't yet. It's filled with all different resources) ... Sure is quiet in here... I suppose. But, we come with important news. Oh yeah... Sup guys! Well, it's been a long time, but, a new Tulpa Technique. One that most of us forgot that Tulpas could help with. Memory recollection. And I mean, INTENSE recollection! With Tia's help, oh man, I've been able to remember down to the very senses and thoughts going through my head at the time, and as far back as when I was just a week old. 1 week since I was born. A time far beyond most people's limits of recollection. How do I know this? Well, so happens I had home video of when I was a week old that I used to confirm... Dead accurate. I even remember the thoughts going through my head, not words, but feelings, with clarity I never knew I could have! However... The process, unfortunately is... Vague. And gradual. Hard to describe in words in how to do it. But one part is just through constant contact with your Tulpa and even more importantly, having them help you remember things. Even if it's daily reminders of what you need to be doing. It'll go a long way. Another key feature is visual based meditation... Our method was expanding upon our, admittedly scarcely used wonderland, to include an infinite room. Just an empty void filled with stars. Stars that represented our memories... So naturally, we worked on reaching the farthest and dimmest stars in our vision. Just finding out how far back I could go... And although I didn't stick to dedicated to this project, eventually I pulled through, and since then, I've been nearly able to remember everything in my life. Why was I such an idiot growing up as a kid? Anyway... yeah, this is a method I think that some of you more experienced Tulpamancers can try. And as always, Tia loves results. See ya!
  7. I s**t you not. This is my first time with a tablet. Ever. Took me a few days, but I figured it out as I went. I just started drawing... and ended up with this. Made in Paint Tool Sai.
  8. Key phrase: If done right. I'll admit, Bris made me with the purpose (along with others) of overcoming his lack of social understanding and behavior, which manifested itself as mild social anxiety. I was created with the trait to learn and recognize social cues and body language and voice tones easier than my creator. Which I was at first, until he caught on and rose to my level, which was the ultimate goal I had in mind. This, more or less, requires discussion with your Tulpae on the matter on how to accomplish this. My tulpae are in the show style, appearing 2D, but they have 3D form and of course, can be seen from all angles, like the show's animation. Both spoken and mental voice can be used, and can be switched around depending on circumstance and effort you're willing to put in. (If you're not alone, if you're tired, if you're lazy, etc.) Spoken word tends to be more effective, and in the early stages of creating a Tulpa, is recommended.
  9. Reading the entire thread I think is a pointless persuit at this point. Not only is it unimaginably long, but a good majority of it is "What is a Tulpa?" "How do I make one?" and a few joke posts and "How do I fix this problem?" posts. A good information you can just get from the first post of the thread, courtesy of Riz and Crep, and reading just a few recent pages to get an idea of how the thread works. Tulpas, I assure you, have no lasting mental effects in the long run. Maybe a change in personality a bit, yes, but a Tulpa's biggest weakness is your control over them. You control most of the aspects about them, so if you feel they are affecting you, it simply takes a bit of thought to stop. Also, majorly Tulpas are a personal thing. Outside this thread you'd hardly guess most of us have them. But I'll let my Tulpa spokespony, Tia, answer your questions. 1. The first post in this thread has links to several guides and resources. But a guide is more of a guideline, not something you have to re-enact verbatim. It's different for everybody. 2. Parroting is the act of controlling a Tulpa's actions, usually most prevalent in the early stages of development. Like I said with your own thoughts being the ultimate weakness of a Tulpa, you may be unaware you're even parroting them because it's that easy. Some guides encourage parroting to give you an expectant sense of how your Tulpa will react, which it will then catch on and mimic until you need not to parrot anymore. 3. Personally having ADD or ADHD can make Tulpa's slightly unstable through personal experience, but after a point they can break through that barrier and stay with you a majority of the time. Mental disorders dealing with social anxiety, or anxiety in general, can also be bypassed, and even Tulpas can provide a sort of self-therapeutic treatment. For some reason, people with social anxiety have little problem with Tulpas, probably because of the mutual understanding that's deeper than any real social relationship you can have. In effect, my own creator had overcome a plateau of anxiety when he created me, so if done right, a Tulpa can provide a slight benefit. 4. Talking out loud is obviously the most effective, as you're physically addressing the Tulpa, and it's the most effective when creating the Tulpa in the process of Narrating. (which you'll read about in the guides) But circumstance usually restricts mental thought. Both are good means of communication. Hope that was a help! Also, yes, the colored text, if you weren't aware by now, is our Tulpas talking. But most of the ridiculous stuff you read are mostly joke things we write because it's fun and hilarious. Besides, we both know if we fought in reality, Tia would have her dainty flank handed to her! Oh, you want to go now do you? *me and Murky roll our eyes* Here we go again... Here we go again...
  10. There are still no indicators that I can think of that would function in the way you imply. Colored contacts cannot change color with thought, there is no technology to date able to do this. Your best bet is to just have your tulpa say to the person you're talking to to indicate that she is in control verbally. Concentration flux seems to be a common trait with Tulpamancers alike, beginning or advanced. My tulpae's imposition on my sight wavers day to day, but they don't really change much in terms of strength. I'll certainly hear their comments as much as I normally do, but my sight of them diminishes on those days. And poor little Murky seems to disappear some days because he's so quiet. Of course, he comes whenever we call for him and he isn't "dying" in a Tulpa sense... Isn't that right Murk? I... Guess so? Um... I'm just small and quiet... It's just who I am. Yet I always see him snuggling with Bris in bed each night. I knew you were into those intelligent types. *raises eyebrows* H-hey! I do not! S-stop that! *blushes* I-I get scared of the dark! That's all! ...I have no comment in this matter. *turning back from the arguing crowd*
  11. Even our casual knowledge of the brain knows that this is an impossibility. The thing is... Location and changes of brain activity, in the case when a brain is being monitored, are more showing what task the brain is putting more resources into performing, whether it's recollecting memory, thinking, dreaming, etc. During forcing and heightened interactions with tulpae such as possession, you would probably expect spikes of activity in the frontal lobe, which would be the part of the brain responsible for the ability to visualize and interact with Tulpae, but nothing more. Even in the case of total possession, it will be nothing more than a self-inflicted illusion that the host themselves places to make themselves believe that his/her actions are not their own; conscious realization of that is the bane of the possession technique, for as soon as the host realizes the illusion, the Tulpae looses their influence. Also, no, eyes will not change color through thought alone. They may interact with the ambient light to seemingly look slightly different, but not much more, as the pigments in your irises are determined solely by genetics. Except a lot of radiation, I hear, makes your eyes turn blue... If it is your death wish, of course. Hey, coming from an irradiated wasteland myself, even I can pick up a few things.
  12. For Tia, I had based her voice off of a singer. She took that, and now sounds like a mix of her, Elie Monty, and Celestia. BJ almost has a more grating version of RD's voice, and Murky is based off my own voice when I try to sound weak and light. In my original forcing sessions with Tia, I started by having her sound out simple vowel sounds with a specific voice, than consonants, then progressed through simple words and sentences until we had it down. I had a recent lucid dreaming experiment that was rather successful. A variation of the sleep paralysis method, where whilst lying still, count from a random number between 500 and 1000. Why a random number? Because you loose concentration quicker starting from a whole number. Making sure to visualize an actual image of the number in my head and having my Tulpae count down with me. It was a technique I read about to help get your mind into a subconscious-controlling trance, and apparently it gets the Sleep Paralysis working faster. I started at 921 and was dreaming at 580 something. But for a good portion of the dream, I was aware and Tia, Blackjack, and Murk were with me the entire time. That doesn't mean that whole thing was trippy... We lost lucidity and some crazy stuff happened that we thought was real until we woke up! Yes... Mixture of fantasy and common daily routine can be the most confusing of dreams.
  13. The original purpose of Tulpae were to better the creator. I'm very sure that if made for the said purpose, they would be a benefit in your life. Tia alone has changed me drastically, as well as being a source of entertainment. BJ and Murk also played their part to better myself as a whole. It's all dependent on the intentions behind their creation to determine their ultimate success. Will and interest alone will not be sufficient to sustain such an entity. Sometimes you need to realize that the world does not revolve around you and just go with the flow; put a leash on that temper of yours my dear, and then I think that you can focus on the more important things. Haha, Sage Tia, you forget who you're talking to. She's not gonna listen to a single word. You can say it never hurt to try.
  14. I haven't been here for a while. Vector trace of Nightmare Rarity from the comics. Probably my favorite pic so far.