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  1. Dear Princess Celestia, why should we buy the gold disc (Original) and not the Purple Disc (DVD-R)?

  2. "Yes Sir!" *charges bazooka* BOOM! (Brohoof if you get the reference!) If you were Jappleack
  3. True. Damn right. (Posted while looking at the wrong page. Got ninja'd by 100 pages of posts.) TPAM thinks RD is best pony
  4. Good Evening, Boss! I co-host The MBS Show with this guy, so yeah. now you all know my real name!
  5. Oh gosh I really miss this I haven't been on for so long!
  6. I never knew there were bronies in China, given that the great firewall blocks almost half the internets. How How did you come across MLP? It is . I look more Indian so basically I scare the crap out of people when I speak Chinese!
  7. St. Pinkie


    Heh. I had a dream last night that I was in SCC and Pinkie let me in. It's like she was expecting me. Too bad it was a dream
  8. St. Pinkie


    Pinkie Pie, and I would give her a hundred heart-shaped balloons!
  9. Details are sketchy and we still don't know what the heck happened, but some troll wriggled into the group and screwed our documents up. We almost lost some fanfics, meetup writeups and stuff we wanted to send to EqD. So if you're on an FB group (especially Bronies groups), don't forget to backup your group docs. I don't want anyone else suffering our same fate...
  10. I love her cutie mark. Too bad Hasbro doesn't share my passion
  11. You may wish aloud, but you're not ALLOWED to wish. ((Sorry for being a grammarnazi here, but it just goes with the flow of the game. I hate Grammarnazis)) ((OH YEAH. 500TH POST! )) I wish I could go back to school.
  12. 8/10. The font is a little overused, but it's still cute nonetheless!
  13. 8/10! OK DON'T SHOOT ME!
  14. Team: 101st Equestrian Marines Name: Rueben "Ruby" Kurt Age: 28 Race: Unicorn Cyborg Political Affiliation: Solar Brotherhood Rank: Major Cutie mark: Red Fire Ruby Background info: Rueben was the sole survivor of the West Fillydelphia nuclear incident. A computer engineer by profession, the aftermath of the Celestia Nuclear Research Facility rendered his body unagile enough to perform the more dexterse side of his talents. Over the years he spent time working on robotic enhancements for his own body in order to reclaim his full abilities lost to the fallout. 2 years after the incident,
  15. Hey! I'm back! So here's the thing. A close friend among the Malaysian Bronies' Society wants to create a shooter game and I've agreed to help him. However, I suck at programming and won't be much help. We're looking for people to help us out, and we really need help on this. It sounds like an awesome project and we're hoping to nail it soon so that if plans for a bronycon in Malaysia pulls through, we can premiere it there. The roles we need? Here they are: Music Composers eventers designers artists programmers level designer sound engineers Feel free t
  16. You can't blow up a balloon as well? I thought I was the only one who had that problem!

  17. Hey! Happy birthday!!

  18. Listening to Friendship Symphony No. 1 with headphones. Makes your hair stand during RD's solo!

    1. Inkfeather


      Listening to it right now. Wow.

  19. Heyhey! Never knew we shared our birthday with DJ Alex S :P. Happy Birthdayy!!

    1. BlazingDawn


      Or is either one of us truly Alex S? =P

  20. "You're not late for anything, Dashie. I was just going to show Raven her room. Wanna come?"
  21. ((Still waiting for a reply from Daisy)) Pinkie asked Raven. "Wanna go up?"
  22. If i wound up in Ponyville, I would most likely be working in Sugarcube Corner, and there's no better friend there than the resident party pony! I like the Cakes as well, but they wern't on the list
  23. "Oh I'm sorry. Here! Let me see. Hmm. 21-9-1. That's right next to mine!" She turned and looked at Daisy. "How about you? Anything in those pockets?"
  24. St. Pinkie

    Post your Desktop

    Lol. I may be a musician but I'm not that dexterse. It's fun nonetheless
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