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    I draw quite a lot :V

    And randomly browse the web after new things :)

    I have a commission information journal over at DeviantART. There's pricing and examples.


    Do check it out :)
  1. Haha i recognize that. I should be sleeping now too, which i'm prob going to do now too. http://nac0n.deviantart.com Here it is, my tumblr exist in my signature too if you're interested. Mix of reblogs and my own posts .
  2. Alright, have a wonderful sleep! And thank you too. I really appreciate when people like you show interest in the stuff i make.
  3. I haven't got a self made guid, but there's tons on youtube for you to watch. For example, this guy/girl tutorial covers the most basic things and with easy to follow text. Even though he/she seems unsure. She is right about it all. Link:
  4. Hey thanks! You can draw as long as you have a passion to learn it. It's a tough road of artblock and other various things, but you get through! I'm indeed using a tablet. A wired Wacom Intuos 4 Cheers!
  5. Made a vinyl portrait, took me 1h, 20min or so. Which is rather fast compared to what i use to spend on my drawings. Vinyl without her shades ~ (Final image at the bottom) Big credits to Assertive Fluttershy for the soundtrack used. His channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AssertiveFluttershy Soundtrack: Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo [Remastered]
  6. I also thought this was about Adobe dreamweaver haha, Well anyway, it's a really cute OC and you drew her well! Her pose is well executed
  7. Haven't seen this thread before, seems interesting. And there's tons of talented artists . I'll pick somepony(ies) up when i get home in 2-3 hours and start drawing some EDIT: So, i totally forgot who's this character was, i think the OC name was something like "Viola"? But anyway, i enjoyed drawing it : ). Hope you like it too!
  8. Thanks for commenting, it's a bigger relief to read that than you may think. Hearing things from others are soothing and greatly appreciated. Yeah, i know myself how much i'm annoyed by bigger ads and similar things so i can fully understand people if anyone would complain on someone. True, i should really try to chill until i see a moment where i can sneak it in without being annoying. That's also a great suggestion, thanks! Smaller contacts can probably lead to something greater.
  9. I've constantly thought about how much i 'advertise' drawings and projects. I've always felt like i overdo it and should give it a rest. Advertising in general is annoying at some point. But where's the limit? What's your thoughts on when someone is advertising something they've done or that they work with? Are they annoying? Are they interesting? Would you turn your back on them? How much do you advertise when you do drawings? Or perhaps you work at an advertising agency and can provide some experienced information? - Nac0n
  10. Thanks for commenting! I thought it had a pretty cool look, the purpleish shading that is. Perhaps i'm the only one xD I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4. I'm using the stabilizer in Paint Tool Sai which is problaby the reason why it's smooth . Yeah i can relate XP. Thanks! Always nice to hear haha ty ty I can relate to that as well. I'm pretty inactive overall, but i'll try to entertain as much as i can! Thanks for commenting
  11. Oh boy, had a hard time picking the correct section, i'm still not sure if i'm right |: . Had some fun yesterday and decided to speed-paint stuff. I know there's some better speedpaint videos out there, but eh. It was fun :V. I haven't uploaded the actual drawing somewhere yet, but i will upload it ot my tumblr and deviantART as soon as i get home. Leave a comment if you like it, also critics are welcomed!
  12. Nac0n


    My mind works in 2D... And it irritates me. I would love to picture things in 3D cause i have better use of it from the profession i seek .
  13. I'm both as well, i'm not that big of a Sonic fan i used to be, but i still enjoy the blue hedgehog games a lot. But i remember when i drew a LOT of Sonic art during high school. During that time, dA flooded with fan-characters. And the fan-art that were just mind blowing (Just like MLP is now). But i kept noticing several artists,that i liked there, suddenly writing journals on how bad the sonic community is and how retarded people act. And i couldn't help but agree to some points. Though, the same goes for the brony community. People in this community are incredible, but a minority of peopl
  14. I rarely remember dreams. So i can't even remember if i've dreamt about ponies. I have some sort of dream amnesia lol. Maybe it's called Amnesomnia
  15. happy name-day sir!

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