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Finally, my OC! :3


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For the longest time, I've had an idea of an OC that I've really wanted to make. She started off similar to this, but on a free pony creater by generalzoi on dA. Then I drew her traditionally, and she ended up yellow. Finally, I said screw it, I need a REAL OC and sat down for many hours and combined a few ponies together. And this....



Posted Image

She is created from Raindrops' body, Lyra's tail and Allie Way's hair. Of course, edited to fit my own hair.


She represents me in every way. I'm a pegasus girl, no other type of pony hits me as hard as the pegasi do. Her hair is like mine, as are her eyes. On her left side, on her chin, she has a mole (or "beauty mark") as I do. She has two piercings in each ear... again, as I do.


Her cutie mark is a heart with an infinity symbol within it. On the right side of it is four dots, representing the moon and the stars (darkness). On the left side are four lines, representing the sun (light).


Here's the link to her full reference sheet, if you're interested;



tis all I belief x)

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