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I hope the villain doesn't get reformed

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Being Pure evil doesn't mean a character is shallow or Weak: Freeza from DBZ for example is a pure sociopath with ZERO redeeming traits, but is absolutely incredible. I likewise HIGHLY enjoyed tirek as a villain despite him being just there to be evil and wreck stuff: That's his JOB. I'm not looking for him to give me shakespear, but provide an evil roadblock to reflect the heroes off of as a foil.


That's precisely what I meant when I said that this belittles the villain. They're a foil and nothing more. Freeza had a bit more going for him than Tirek - the Saiyan were a menace to him. He actually had a reason to act like he did. Sure, he was a a cold-blooded murderer and all tht, but he had a minimum of depth. Not that much is needed to have a compelling villain, in fact.


Now this is where it becomes a matter of opinion: to me, MLP shouldn't follow that "villain (with ot without depth) is evil, defeat is the only option". However, I can't deny a (very) few people on earth cannot actually be redeemed, whether because they love what they're doing or because they're suffering from some mental illness. Tirek alone doesn't cut it, there needs to be a repeat of this lesson.


Yet, I can't find the movie being appropriate to do that. Its job is to reel in newcomers. Either it stays in their comfort zone by offering an average villain, or it shows them a specificity of MLP. Both could go, but my opinion is that they should give them a taste of reformation, MLP-style.

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I really hope the villain doesn't end up being reformed at the end like they have a habit of doing with antagonists and villains as of late; I also hope they don't go the "He's just misguided!" route like they have a tendency to do with characters, like Gloriosa or Midnight sparkle for example, with the characters not being responsible for their actions.




I'm getting a bit tired of the constant reformations and "no responsibility" villainy where a character is acting beyond their control due to magic. I want to see a villain who knows 100% what they're doing and acts fully evil the entire time; the best villains in the show IMO are always the ones who aren't set up for a reformation at the end or have mitigating factors: the sirens from EQG for example are by far the best villains from that series and are fully villains who don't reform, and tirek and chrysalis are seen as some of the best villains for that reason.

Me too. I DO like reformations, but they happen to often. I want a change.

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