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Tf2 Trade and Social chat


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Hey guys

I saw that there are several bronies on here who play TF2 and i decided to make this page for them and myself, along with anypony who was interested. Come to trade, make new friends, find somebody to join you on a match of MvM, or whatever else you can think of. below are some sites to make trading easier.

by the way, I'm a Heavy main. Just putting that out there.






my steam id is the same as my name her: kaiser5578

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No one replied to this? That's weird.

Well, my name on steam is Sir Floof, same as here. I don't trade or play MvM or any of that stuff, but if you just want to pop into Casual or a Community Server for while, then I'll play with you.

I main Medic, by the way. Yes, we exist.

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I play tf2 pretty often (got like 1900ish hours). I don’t really main anyone but I play a lot of sniper and I’m pretty decent with him I guess. I don’t like posting my steam in public places for privacy reasons, but you can ask me if you want to add me. 

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