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Slice of Life Jedi in Ponyville


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Part 1

JediShy stops on his way to Ponyville. He was tired but had to get his training done before sunset and if he got a room for the night he would never be able to bring himself to go back out. He found a clearing in what appeared to be an abandoned apple orchard. Shrugging out of his cloak he drew his saber and ignited the green blade.


With the classical makashi salute he being his drills. Block high pushing the opponents saber up and draw the blade across and slash downward in an unblockable striiiii.....


It takes all of his might to stop the blade centimeters from a pink pony that appeared out of nowhere.


Oh hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and you must be new. That means you need a party! “


Jedishy stares in awe at this ponies apparent lack of awareness of what could have happened. Muttering the code to himself he slowly composes himself before responding.


“ You could have seriously been hurt, Miss Pie. Have you not met a Jedi on a visit your planet before? I know you are relatively new to the Republic.”


“ But cant you sense everypony in that force thingy? Why wouldn't you know I was coming? “


As the pink pony bounced ahead of him Jedi froze he could not believe it but she was right. He could feel all the life around him except for her. That must be reported to the order. Making a note he broke into a trot to keep up.


“ So you never told me your name. I cant introduce you if I don't know your name silly “


“ I am Jedishy and I was actually raised in Ponyville for a bit. I was found as an infant and the search for the ship I was on and my force connection are what drew this planet to be connected to the Republic. Its also where I got my name “


“ Wait whaaaat you're a human raised by ponies?! “



“ Yes, I was raised alongside a filly by the name of Muffins for a bit. My name was a parting gift from the family that took care of me. “


As they closed on ponyville Jedi figured he would be able to get in at least some meditation this evening so that his training was not entirely neglected. He would love to see Muffins again as those where the only memories he had of his youth but he had a duty to visit Princess Twilight first.


With a grin, he saw they were headed to Mrs. Cakes shop. Other than fun with Muffin the one thing he remembered from his youth was the treats from the shop. He wondered if Republic credits are good in Equestria... then again his Master might not approve of spending money on a needless treat...

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                                                                                                                                                              Part 2

As they approached SugarCube Corner he felt the ponies within. He felt excitement and deception.  Clearly a surprise party was ahead. The pink pony in front of him twitched her tail and dodged an apple that fell of a cart that was being hauled by a pair of pegasi. In that brief moment he felt her in the force. Her presence almost knocked him senseless. It was like a cotton candy hurricane. Could he force even feel pink?!


He had to draw on the force to center himself. This would surely be going into his report. The door swung open to a darkened room and some how Pinkie Pie was behind him pushing him inside. He didnt even have time to shut his eyes before the lights snapped on and the round booms with cheering and the shout of: 


The room was full it seemed most of the town had come out to greet the Republics representative at the center stood Princess Twilight Sparkle herself flanked by 4 other ponies as he was pulled forward by Pinkie Pie. He knew these were likely the famed bearers of the "Elements of Harmony" close friends of Equestrian royalty. Remembering his masters training he bent a knee and bowed low. 

" Greetings from the Republic Princess. I have be sent to see about your world joining the Galactic Republic. I hope my time here will bear the fruits of friendship regardless of your decision to join or not. " 

Twilight chuckled slightly and waved a hoof 

" Jedishy isn't it? Don't worry about formalities  just yet. Today is a day for you to be welcome back. I hear that you grew up here. Somepony is quiet excited to see you again.... " 

He reached out with the force and felt her hovering above him. He knew her presence almost as well as his masters. Turning with a broad smile he barely opened his arms before a grey pegasus slammed into him. They hugged it out for a while before he stepped back smiling at the "older sister" that he had not seen since he left for the temple. Her lazy eye always seeming to do its own things. Even when they were little he found it cute. 

" Muffins?" 

She held up a basket of his favorite muffins cinnamon and apples. His eyes went wide he knew he would never be able to finish all of them by himself but there was a small part of him that despite his training wanted to try. Reaching into his cloak he drew a small pendant made of Wroshyr wood. It was a gift from a Wookie youngling he had saved in the shadow lands of Kashyyk. It was one of is most prized possessions. But it was time to let it go. And the smile that came across Muffins face told him it was the right choice. Attachment was not the Jedi way after all. 

As the party thrummed around him Jedishy was making mental notes of what he had to discuss with the Princess. That was until a tremor in the force flattened him. Something had or would happen and it was not something good.

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