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How G5's story structure could go


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Since G4 is an episodic series with serial elements, G5 could go the opposite route being a serial series with episodic elements. I mean that by each season having its own plot and villain(s), kind of like the show 24. Since it's likely to be animated with Toon Boom Harmony, let's assume that each season will be 13 episodes long instead of 26. Since every episode would be 22 minutes long, combine that with the season's 13 episodes and you got the equivalent of a 286 minute long movie. That would bring a good opportunity for some development throughout the season. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Edit: Then again, if The Lion Guard could have 26 episode seasons while being animated with Harmony, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for G5 having that many episodes.

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17 minutes ago, bornAgainEquestrian said:

Is there something about Toon Boom that makes it take longer to render or something?

I dunno, I just assumed it was since it's more expensive than Flash.

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From what I had read, The prequel movie will be animated with Toon Boom, but the show itself won't with boulder media. I hope they have changed Their mind though and it does stay with the same program as the movie.

I don't feel like they would reduce the episode count. So many of these shows order a 65 episode run as a start. That gives two 26 episode seasons and a 13 episode season if they don't order more. But maybe. I would say there certainly does appear to be a much stronger adventure driven premise with the extremely limited information there is so far. Its kind of funny. Lauren Faust wanted G4 to be much more adventure driven but they didn't want it at the time. G5 will probably get the thrust that Lauren was aiming for on G4. I trust Meghan Mccarthy will do well though.

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I'm in a iffy side about G5 being in serial series with a story arcs...because that leads to adding "drama"  to the show, which it doesn't best fit for MLP. But at the same time, if they do it right like maybe having three parts instead of two parts then I wouldn't mind it. 

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