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Well I'm a blank flank for a reason.. but..

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Greetings there, Muffin status here so you already tell I'm a noob....

Anywho, so my character, my main ponysona, PickFairy is a blank flank adult.

BUT- it's listed in the suggestion/topicofrpguide that if your pony is an adult they most likely have a cutiemark...


The secret, 


is that she lost her cutiemark as a teenager, 

and she has to regain her gift in a new way.. aka she's rediscovering her true talent.


Soo,, with that in mind, can I still play her here and flesh out her character a bit? Or should she just be on the back burner?


Here's her design, I haven't made a profile pic of her yet otherwise I'd update mine.



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I can't think of a reason not to. Might be worth exploring how she came to lose her cutie mark as well.

Also, depending on what you'd be comfortable with when it comes to kicking stuff off, I'm kinda looking for a unsuspecting victim someone to help me introduce my human character into Equestria... or more accurately, introduce Equestria to him, if something like that might pique your interest.

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A bit late to the party so you've likely come to your own conclusion by now, but I always saw a mark as a symbol of self actualization, the pony discovering what makes them unique. Many think that it represents something they're good at, but then conclude that they must be the best at that thing. I've found that a mark doesn't make you the best at something, it may not even be the thing you're best at, but it's something that comes to define you as an individual.

That said, I would make an effort to flesh out what caused her to lose that self-actualization, make her decide she didn't want to be that pony anymore (perhaps a traumatic accident which involved her favored activity?). Then you can go about her story of rebuilding herself, finding out, or deciding who she wants to be.


But to answer your direct question, I think you have an interesting character that many would be excited to interact with.

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