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Script Chime

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So I draw stuff other than ponies so I wanted to draw to show it

First up is this cat I made for a design contest

file.png.bfbafd413bdb015f47f7677dea6e1610.png basically the person had certain elements that they liked so I took the space, magical, night, and day parts they liked and made this. I love it!

This is an older piece from July that I made with Ibis Paint. I experimented a lot and I will probably do a redraw in the future but in the meantime "Cat Sinatra"



And finally a piece I made in May for a school project! We were supposed to draw a dragon since we were reading Journey of the Dawn Treader in my religion class so I made this


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For the space cat, I like the floof on them!!  One thing I'd change is how busy the piece looks, with all of those stars, it kinda gives one a bit of sensory overload.  I think if you kept the smaller stars in the background only, didn't add the fog and didn't add those larger ones, it would've been fine.  Another thing I'd suggest is adding different sizes and colours of stars in the background, to represent stuff like suns and what not.  Beyond that, cute kitty!!

For cat Sinatra, I like them, I think they're really cute!!!

For the dragon, you drew a LOT of scales, nothing wrong with that, I hope you took breaks to help your hand!!  Were those clouds and lighting you were trying to draw in the background?  Lighting is so fun to draw though and you can really play with the colours.  I'd highly suggest you take a look at some pictures and practice painting them, lighting isn't just jagged lines you know, they're really odd things, lighting...

Don't be afraid to use references, most art programs have options available to add some reference pics to the side, you just need to find it in your program that you're using.  Beyond that, great work!!  I hope you never quit! :pinkie:

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@Thuja Thank you for the advice that was actually my fear with the Universe Cat piece that it would be to busy (should get around to redrawing that one day. And for the dragon, yeah I had to do it across three days my poor hand hated me. I do have to improve my background environment more. Thank you for all your valuable advice!

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So Script Chime still has antlers since the spell hasn't worn off yet and goes to explain to her friends. They uh...they aren't that supportive. Let's all be honest you would probably laugh too. Just a little thing I mashed together from old pieces in their most basic forms. So no highlighting or anything big.

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This was a collab I did with a friend


same with this one


My friend wanted me to make a quadruped in something called a yukata so I did


I did two versions of this because when I was taking care of a speedpaint you may notice that in the video but I like the second version but tell me what you think?


For a Castle Cats art contest I lost




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