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Do Cadence and Twilight have evil alter egos?


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The problem with this concept is, then Sweetie Belle would have a dark alter ego, Yona would have one, Twiggy and Boulder would have one etc. (princesses doesn't make a difference) It's a seemingly interesting concept, but actually an obvious and clichéd one as well. As close as the show actually got to it is when Twilight turned grey in Season 2 premiere, which is an opposite of her, deserting friendship, and EQG's Midnight Sparkle.

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I always saw Chrysalis as Cadance's evil alter ego, since the Changeling Queen went after love for all the wrong reasons best shown in This Day Aria.


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Oh man, with her love of organization Twilight would be the definition of Lawful Evil! :angry:

Cadence would maybe force together couples that are a terrible match. :wub:


No, they don't have those alteregos yet but I'm sure they have the potential for them. That's what fan art is for. Anybody have any? And what would their names be?

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