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sad A Sapling of Friendship [New Story]


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After watching the final episode of MLP: FIM, I knew I had to get back into writing more FanFiction. After almost a year, I decided to finish the first chapter of my second story. Please be sure to check it out on Fimfiction (link below) and feel free to leave any constructive feedback or criticism :D 


 A Sapling of Friendship 


A treasure trove of old books and scrolls, the Golden Oak library stood for generations, sharing knowledge beyond its roots, knowledge that stretched to the far ends of Equestria.  For many, it was merely a library, but for Twilight, it was home. 

With its absence marks a growing dilemma for Twilight, a problem that begins to plague her and her friends. Things are changing, a fact that each of them struggle to accept. But as time moves on, will their friendship change as well? 

As the Mane Six reminisce their time spent together, they make a surprising discovery,  a discovery that Twilight hopes will not alter their changing lives even more...

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