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Hi I'm new to the fandom


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

Googled it

How you became a fan of My Little Pony



Tldr for those who dont want to read a long winded story


Im excited to be getting back in thr community and hope to contribute as much as i can to keep the fandom alive



To be fair although I am new to the fandom, i am not new to the show. Ive watched the show since season 2 release. And have been pretty good on keeping up with the comics as well. I did consider myself a brony during the time of season 3-4 but i had a very sour experience then involving a toxic brony and me being the socially immature 14 year old i was (althought i would never admit it at the time) I didnt take well to it and I renounced any affiliation with the community. However i have been keeping up with the show, and sadly due to work and being busy I am only now starting season 9. (Only season i fell behind on) I am actice duty united states coast guard, and have been spending my time deployed rewatching downloaded mlp, and ive discovered a new desire to get involved with the community. Most of this sprouted from my new found love the of the young 6. To be honest at first I didnt like them at all.  Whenever they were on screen id say things like

"Get on with it already"


"Can we get back to the characters I know and love please not these knockoffs?"

But after rewatching through s8 ive come to not only love them, but actually prefer them to the mane 6. Especially gallus and silverstream. So seeing the show take a new turn and evolve, i figure id do the same and turn back to the community.

Little about myself before I turn to question

Been in the military for 5 years now, and(my entire adult life thus far) and i work as an electronics technician. ( you know those big guns on the big battleships? Those are mine. I get to do everything involving maintenance and aiming and shooting them)

Currently using alot of my free time to pursue a degree in astrophysics (my ultimate passion)

I play competetive fighting games (the only one i play at a high level is guilty gear)

I have been a dungeon master and story teller for most if my life, and would love to turn that to the community.

Now then to finish up here.

I am going to be trying my hardest to keep up with the community and contributing with fanfics over on the amazing website fim fiction. 

I am very busy alot of the time for sure, but I hope to make as many new friends as this website has members! So please feel free to hit me up! 


Thank you for reading my too long post



I think I put everything i wanted to say in the above post.


Look forward to making friends with all of you!

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