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Do You Think That Debate Symposium Should Be Removed?


Regarding The Removal Of Debate Symposium  

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  1. 1. Do you think that Debate Symposium should be removed from MLP Forums?

    • yes
    • no
    • it doesn't matter to me

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After posting my topic about suggesting the removal of emoticons in Debate Symposium, I realized that a number of users would like for the Debate Symposium to be removed entirely. I was wondering how many on these forums would like for it to be removed, how many would dislike for it to be removed, and how many don't care about what happens to it. So, what is your opinion on the removal of Debate Symposium?

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This thread is not going to do any better compared to the other. This one is also being closed.

I am going to post my same response from the other:

The Debate Symposium isn’t going to be removed. We understand that it is a sensitive area for some and that’s okay. However, it’s a very simple case of if you don’t like it, stay away from it. If it was taken away, debates would just arise in elsewhere (General Discussion, status updates, etc.) Banning political topics altogether isn’t something we’re going to do either because not only would moderation be a total nightmare, but MLP Forums is a place where people can express themselves freely. What’s next after we disallow political topics? Prohibit topics about anything sensitive? No. We pride ourselves in one of the facts that we allow our members to convey their various views, assuming they do it respectfully. Yes, rude behavior is sometimes exhibited in debates but staff take care of it accordingly.

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