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Mega Thread What are you thinking?


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I'm thinking.................i'm thinking........................i'm........Thinking................oh yes........I'm thinking about why I posted winnie the pooh thinking.  Damn you, Sora.

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"What are you thinking at the exact moment you read this?"


... Moments before I read that, I was thinking about looking up the spiral mountain theme from banjo kazooie on youtube.

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I have an interview tomorrow, so I'm kind of nervous about that. ^^"


Wearing my Twilight Sparkle dog tag for good luck! ^^

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Im thinking about going to the gym right now, :D


I'm thinking about killing the teacher in front of me right now -_-


:lol:, let me guess............your teacher was being somewhat "bitchy" towards you?

If so, im with you on that.......just wanna clock em' in the face, lol.

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Well, I have a Fighting is Magic style theme for Octavia playing now, so I'm thinking of Octavia dropping notes onto ponies heads, while furiously playing her instrument. Also, thinking that I'm hungry, and want to eat, but don't really feel like cooking atm >.<

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