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Mega Thread What are you thinking?

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What are you thinking at the exact moment you read this?


When I made this post I was thinking about the catchy Equestria Girls theme song.

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Come on, you know that's funny. ^^

I'm thinking about...well, STUFF that are not appropriate to be written here.

I am thinking about cats.

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I need to stop lazing about and read my chemistry manual. Being productive would feel good.

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I am thinking about the love and gratitude I have for my husband. I just replied on another thread about the worst moments in your life, and that's why I feel all mushy....



I am also thinking about the fact that I need to pee, but don't want to go to the bathroom to pee because it's work to do so...I have this problem a lot....

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I'm thinking I need to go have a road trip/adventure, get in a couple good fights, eat a giant smoked turkey leg, and come home. But I probably won't leave my apartment today so I'm out of luck

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I've got to much junk to do, so little time and motivation, but I will get it done.

Also thinking about slapping myself for motivation and to slap some sense into me.

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I'm thinking that I wonder what I'm sick with >A<

I haven't been feeling well for days now, and it's starting to bum me out because I want to get up and do things!

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What am i thinking..............I'm thinking about going to bed, b/c I have a headache, but I don't want to.  I want to finish my fan fic, :D


@@The Pulse,

Just want to say...............love the Avatar, :D

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