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Since Christmas---er....Hearth's Warming...is coming up.....


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....I thought maybe you could probably put something hilarious below. Could be anything, literally ANYTHING, and yes, you can even put funniest MLP stuff below. And oh, Home Alone are accepted in this thread :mlp_smug: and funniest movie/TV quotes, too. Memes, puns, and jokes, too. And you can even put your own jokes here. And yes, you can tell us the funniest stories that ever happened to you, your friends, family and everyone else.

I mean, who wouldn't love comedy at Christmas/Hearth's Warming? :-D 


So GO AHEAD! MAKE US LAUGH, amigo! :pinkie: 

"Laughter is the best medicine"

-someone who I don't know the name of. Who am I, Shakespeare? (/joke)

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This thread is a mix of all sorts of things.

However, a thread dedicated to posting funny MLP content can be found here, a relaxing ongoing conversation thread already exists here, and most ideas you have have already been made into topics in the Forum Lounge. Please execute our site’s search function if you are unsure if a thread already exists.


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