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CHS Wondercolts statue replacement?


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What's up? Since Friendship Games film, the Wondercolts statue on top of the portal gateway to Equestria at the frontal exterior of Canterlot High School was broken into pieces when Sci-Twi transformed into Midnight Sparkle opening up dimensional rifts to Equestria. So, I will make up an idea when the scene takes place in front of Canterlot High School again for another Equestria Girls sequel. Is there going to be a replacement of the Wondercolts statue in the aftermath of Sci-Twi's transformation? It was a horse on top of that. Can it be that same statue again? I'm sorry for the late post when the Friendship is Magic series ended.

I wouldn't say that it's Sci-Twi's fault for destroying the Wondercolts statue as Midnight Sparkle. I'm very sorry for Sci-Twi for that Wondercolts statue, and she shouldn't have done that! Despite that aftermath, I like her by the way.







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