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Is there any kind of Brony database/archive that exists?


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So this has been on my mind since first learning that MLP FIM was going to end. I joined The Herd around 2014 (wow, that seems like a long time ago), and I remember really getting into the fandom by watching Brony Blind Commentaries. The first commentator that I watched eventually left the fandom and deleted most of his content expect for an obscure Dailymotion account. Anyway, over the years there have been a lot of Brony youtubers who have done similar things to the point that no trace of their work is available on the web. There is a ton of history that has happened as well. I remember reading some of the "Brony History" articles from Equestria Daily and it was amazing to hear about stuff that anyone who were to join the fandom now would probably never know about unless they really went digging. But even then, it would be hard to find out about because there has been so much content generated and they wouldn't even know where to start. Anyway, I know that it is virtually impossible to save everything, but I feel like there are a lot of things that can and should be saved about Brony fandom. You might think it is silly, but I really feel blessed to have joined when I did. It wasn't the Golden Age but so many Fandom-defining things happened ( both good and bad). Twili-corn, The Journey for the Spark anamatic trailer,  the first few BlackGryphon's albums, the Controversy with ILoveKimPossible, some of the obscure Brony Commentaries. I mean, I can't imagine this ever being lost to time but just imagine if something like the original Lullaby for a Princess was  ever deleted!

The point I am trying to get to is I think it would be really cool to go out and start a crowd-sourced project like WayBack, where we compile copies of very important articles of Brony History. Youtube videos, famous music and artwork, famous and infameous events that happened in the past.  To some extent Equestia Daily has done this as I believe they keep records of everything posted since they Day One. But it would be so cool to have a more easily accessible and navigable version of this. 

What are your thoughts on this idea?


Also, there is a Brony Commentator called Alex Side, who has been offline for I believe two years now. I really would like to saved his content as he was a big personality back in the day and I'd hate to have it deleted or forgotten about someday. That is actually what got be initially thinking about this database idea. 

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Equestria Daily is still alive and well. Now, if you're looking for music, there are a few pony music databases out there. Horse Music Herald is one. There used to be a blog called Everypony Sings, but it faded a while back. Derpibooru is a place where there is a ton of art. Of course, there is deviant art too. There used to be a website called Equestria Arcade where you could play flash games. Sadly, that died around 2015...

But let me tell you one of the greatest creations to emerge in 2019...The Pony Preservation Project. 

The Pony Preservation Project seeks to keep the memories of FIM alive and well by allowing bronies who are skilled in coding and programming to create ways of preserving our beloved ponies. One of those ways...well...let's just say they were able to teach an AI to mimic the voices of our beloved pony friends...and other creatures found in Equestria. 

In short, bronies are working day and night to keep what is considered the best generation of FIM. You can PM me if you'd like to learn more about what exactly goes on with the Pony Preservation Project. 

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