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Warrior Cats vs. The My Little Ponies!


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Hey guys, I have decided to post a fan-fic that I made and posted on the Warrior Cats forums. Remember, the rights to the characters go to Hasbro and HarperCollins, not me.

Twilight Sparkle was galloping through Ponyville. I`ve got to get this to Princess Celestia! She thought. To find out what happened, we`ve got to go back a few hours in time...


Firestar was walking in the forest with Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Jayfeather behind him. "What was so important that you had to wake us up in the middle of the night?" Lionblaze grumbled. "A dream from StarClan, that`s what," retorted Jayfeather. "Tell us what you need to tell us, Jayfeather," Firestar said. "A time of great catastrophy has come, and we must unite with the other Clans, StarClan, and even the Dark Forest, if possible." "The Dark Forest?" Dovewing gasped. What could be so horrible that we should ally with the Dark Forest? Firestar thought. " It`s late. Let`s go back to camp and get some rest." He said. "You`re not taking this seriously!" Jayfeather growled. "Very well, but tommorow we must have another talk."



"Are you getting a letter from Princess Celestia?" Asked Twilight. Spike the Dragon suddenly coughed up a scroll and opened it. "Dear Twilight," read Spike. "A time of great catastrophy has come," he went on. "Even worse then Discord or Princess Chrysalis." "Oh no!" gasped Twilight. What monster could be so horrible? "We must be ready," she said. Get Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy to come over here." "Yes, ma`am!" said Spike.




"Jayfeather, have you had any more dreams?" Dovewing asked. "Not yet," replied Jayfeather. "So, what do you think we should do, Jayfeather?" Asked Lionblaze. "We must ask the other Clans to join us." "Let`s go then," said Firestar. "Lionblaze will go with Leafpool to WindClan, Jayfeather will go with Cinderheart to RiverClan, and Dovewing will go with Foxleap to ShadowClan." "Yes, Firestar," they said.*****


"Attack!" Blackstar screeched. "We come in peace!" Foxleap screeched back. "Very well," grumbled Blackstar. "What is it you want?" "We need help." Replied Dovewing. "Jayfeather got a dream that said we must ally with the other Clans." Blackstar turned and called to Littlecloud. "Littlecloud, come here!" "Yes, Blackstar." Littlecloud padded up to them. "What is the matter?" "They said that Jayfeather had the same dream you had," he replied. Dovewing gasped. "He did?" "Yes, replied Littlecloud. "I did, and I agree with them. We must unite, for the sake of all the Clans. "Very well, we shall meet you later."*****


After Dovewing and Foxleap returned, the Clan was quiet. Dovewing guessed Firestar had told the clan what had happened. Lionblaze and Leafpool were already back. "Get as much sleep as you can. We will attack at sunrise!"




"What have you called us for?" Rarity asked. "I got a letter from Princess Celestia saying that something bad is coming. Something worse than we`ve ever seen before." Twilight explained everything to her friends. "Then what will we do?" Applejack asked. "We must ally with everyone. I will go and ask Princess Celestia and Princess Luna if they will help. "I`ll gather all the animals." Said Fluttershy. "I`ll go and see if the Wonderbolts will help!" Rainbow Dash said excitedly. "And I will go see if the rest of the ponies in Ponyville will help us." Rarity said. "I`ll see if my family will help, but don`t get your hopes up. They`re a peace lovin` folk." "Alright Applejack, you go do that while I help Rarity!" Pinkie Pie finished. "I would rather you go and ask Princess Chrysalis and the Changelings to help." Twilight replied. "Them? Why?" She asked. "We have to get all the help we can."




"It`s time, Firestar." Tigerstar growled. "What?! Why did you bring the Dark Forest here?" Firestar growled at Jayfeather. "We`re in this together, Firestar, whether you like it or not," Tigerstar growled back. "Very well then." Firestar replied. "All the clans are here!" Brambleclaw reported. Suddenly, a ripple of energy appeared in front of them. "What is that?" Mistystar asked with fear in her voice. "This is what we have been preparing for," Lionblaze growled.




"Is eveyone here?" Twilight asked. "Yes!" replied Fluttershy, running up to Twilight with lots of different animals behind her. "Good," she said. "We`re going to need them." As a ripple of energy appeared in front of them.





"It`s time." Firestar said as he leaped into the portal. The other cats filed into the portal after him and landed on solid ground. "Attack!" Blackstar screeched. The cats and ponies lashed out. "You can`t beat us!" Lionblaze growled as he leaped on a pony and raked his claws down its back. Suddenly he felt himself being pulled off, and was slammed into a tree. He lay there, winded. "Fox-heart!" Tigerstar screeched and jumped on a changeling, biting it on the neck as it crumpled to the ground. He felt a sudden stab in his leg, and twisted around to see a unicorn`s horn sink deep into his skin. He screeched and sliced its muzzle hard. Suddenly he got an idea. "Dark Forest warriors, follow me!" He ran into the forest with his warriors behind him. "Traitor!" Tornear cried behind them. But Princess Chrisalis motioned for the changelings to follow her and they ran into the forest as well.




"Take this!" Twilight yelled as she blasted Rowanclaw off of Applejack with bolts of energy. "Thanks," murmured Applejack. Twilight nodded. "Any time." She watched as Rainbow Dash trampled a bleeding Berrynose to the ground. "And stay down!" she yelled. "Don`t gloat when you can fight, mouse-brain!" snarled Crowfeather as he leaped on top of Rainbow Dash and raked his claws down her back. "No!" Rarity screamed and used her horn to throw Crowfeather to the ground. "Are you all right?" Fluttershy asked in horror. "I`ll be fine," Rainbow grunted as she kicked Whitewing against a rock. "The fight is only beginning!" Onestar screeched. "WindClan, regroup and attack!" "Don`t give up yet!" yelled Princess Luna as she zapped Petalfur with pure energy. "We`re not finished yet!" she yowled.








"Lead the Changelings away from the rest of them!" yowled Tigerstar. "What are we going to do?" Breezepelt asked. "Lead them away and attack them," he growled softly. "NOW!" Suddenly, the Dark Forest warriors turned around and dashed torwards the changelings. "Mouse-brains!" snarled Mapleshade as she sliced her claws through a changelings side and it fell to the ground. Suddenly, Snowtuft leaped onto Hawkfrost, but was unusually heavy. "Been eating too much?" Shredtail growled as he bit hard on "Snowtuft`s" tail, when he transformed into a changeling. "Fox-hearts! You resort to fighting us from within?" Breezepelt screeched as he scratched a changeling`s legs and it fell, crippled. "We`re winning," Birchfall grunted.




"Stop!" Firestar yowled. All the animals froze. "Why are we fighting?" he asked. "We don`t have to fight." "Typical, coming from a kittypet," Blackstar grunted. Brambleclaw glared at Blackstar while Firestar went on. "We can save ourselves from death and fighting if we just get along." "This is true. We must stop fighting and leave each other alone." Princess Celestia said loudly. "Then it`s settled. We shall go back to our homes and leave you alone." Firestar announced. Tigerstar came limping into the clearing with the Dark Forest cats and the Changelings. "What is this all about?" Screeched Tigerstar. "We have decided to leave one another alone." said Firestar. "Very well," he growled. "We shall go our seperate ways." he went on to Firestar. "The next time we meet will be in battle." "Very well, Tigerstar." "We shall meet again." Firestar mewed as the ripple of energy reappeared. "Goodbye," Twilight yelled.



Liked it? Yes, it was short. And I`m not a great writer. But I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember, the copyrights go to HarperCollins and Hasbro, and ARE NOT MINE. I might be writing slightly larger fan-fics later. Bye for now!

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