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Once upon a time, when I was a little filly. My mother would tell me stories about my aunt, who is one of the Elements of Harmony. They have saved the world countless times and changed it for the better. My mother's stories about them were grand and epic, one can tell how proud my mother was about her sister.

She also told me that one of my name represents one of her name as well!

So I'm inspired to be like my aunt! I have asked my mother more and more about her, and the more I knew about her, the more I got inspired and wanted to be like her!

I have learned that my aunt represents the element of laughter. They say her hair is magical and it has a mind of its own!

I would like to have that too! 

they say the more happy a Pie gets, the more curly one's mane will become. And the more you're happy, the more your mane will assist you in your quest!

So as a young filly, full of dreams. I too walk the path of laughter and try to trot the same hoof steps as my aunt.

So I started party planning, but it seems hard for a filly to do. So I started small. I tried to put everyone I meet with a smile.

One time, one pony told me that they reminded me of my aunt, when she was still in our village! Any filly will have great joy if compared to her hero! But what was weird was my mane was not changing to a curly, fluffy state! This gave me great worry for I have learned that my Aunt has achieved it in a very young age. But I focused on my goals of achieving the ultimate greatness of the Pie!

I have worked hard to keep the smile in my village and even when I'm tired I would shrug it off and say to myself,

 " what would my aunt do? Surely she would not rest! Not even a grumpy donkey could stop her! Not even the great rainbowdash could out run her!" so I continued my journey.

And low and behold. As I looked in the mirror, a single curl in my mane has formed. No words could describe my joy! Sure it's a single curl and my aunt has a full grown afro on her part, BUT I was the SECOND pie who has achieved THIS!

Ahemm disclaimer. I do not count her children, for they do not carry the Pie name...

I have showed it to my mother and she was proud of me!

And for that my cutie mark has appeared!

It was a Balloon! I could not be even more happier, for the Pie family is also rare to have a different cutie mark. Usually we have rocks for cutie marks. But if you're for greatness, one shall have similar marks as the element of laughter, a balloon as well.

She was stunned at the results. She couldn't even be more happier for me. So as a gift, she told me that it was time to meet my Hero!

But that time never came though...

As I asked about meeting her, she would always say, "another time sweetie." I do not pester her, for her answer would be always the same.

But as I grew older, I noticed the stories had slowly got less and her replies slowly to nothing. And soon enough, our world slowly loses its peace.

I would see older ponies always looking at the news, always checking what's happening....

Their face where always frowning.

I of course who walk the path of laughter, would stand up and give smiles to them! But...

Their smiles... They where not the ones I am used to... Some would give a forced smile, some would just glare at me. But as time passed they would scowl at me.

This has stopped me from my path, my goal hidden within a mist.

This is not what my aunt would want to happen! I would keep on doing what I believe is right and keep the joy of this world, even if it's just in my village!

But no matter how hard I try.... I seem to fail...

This has hit me hard and finally, I said to myself.

" I'm just not like her..."

And then, a curious thought appeared.

" Then, what is she doing about this?"

Surely my aunt, the Element of Laughter would not let this happen!

Then it hit me,

"I'm such a silly filly! the news!"

I would head at the stalls and read the news aswell.

The headlines are always about a draconicous named Disarray!

The Elements of Harmony is trying to fend her off but it would always end in a draw for some reason.

"Why is the elements of harmony NOT winning!" I shouted back then. 

I was too young and dumb at that time, to understand that the news can only tell so much...

As I grow and the Elements of Harmony slowly losing to the side of chaos, ponies started to see that it was about time that everypony should stop relying on the Guardians of Harmony, and start to help defend Equestria.

A recruitment for a defence force against chaos has formed. And of course, I wouldn't miss this for the world! A chance to save the world against Chaos herself! it was my time to step up and make my Hero proud!

I would travel to the city of Canterlot! where the Princess of Friendship, who rule over Equestria reside!

I was expecting rainbows and butterflies in my trip, but. It was more gloom and mud... Lots of mud on my travels.

But as I reached Canterlot, to the hotel I reside and entered the building for the recruitment. Eyes would always be fixed to me and whispers would creep out of their mouths. The same as what I usually receive in my village.

I would start to smell myself to check if it has something to do with my stench. I made sure to take a bath before entering the building though...

 so I would then joke about it and sniff at myself real hard and say aloud,

" hey!.... It ain't me!"

I would get some giggles and a controlled laugh, but someone would always try to stop them or stare at those who would acknowledge my jokes.

" ... Tough crowd.." I would always say.

And again they would be controlled.

The word "why"  is always on my mind.

As I line up for the recruitment, I noticed that the process was fast. 

You give your papers, the recruiter would read it a bit, then throws it in a bin and you're in! 

But once it was my turn. I noticed that the recruiter stopped reading as soon as he read my name, and just glared back at me.

He would then read my resume again and slams it at the table.

" you think this is a joke!?" he yelled.

I was stunned at the event and would just give nods as reply to whatever the yelling person asked me.

His yelling just won't stop.

I could only hold my tears for so long. 

But luckily a pegasi was there to save me. It was none other than General Rainbow Dash of the Wonder Bolts.

She would stop the yelling oaf and comfort me a bit. She would then look at my resume. I was afraid that she would start yelling at me as well, but. 

She had this shocked look in her eyes, while continuing to look at my resume and back at me.

" You know what.... you might be the one we need to save the world." she said to me.

The yelling oaf would drop his chin and files in his disbelief.

I couldn't even hold my tears from what she said and I could only cry and blurt out a,

 " yEs!"

The crowd was also shocked at the events that happened to me, and the whispers would get louder.

She would then grab me at the hoof and say, " follow me and meet the rest of the Elements of Harmony. There is much to talk about your future in Equestria."

This  has fluffed my mane even more, which gave me more joy and assurance. this was a sign of greatness! I am achieving the higher level of a PIE!

Which would soon not last...

~part 1 end~

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The great halls of harmony, where one must enter to meet the Princess of Friendship and the Elements of Harmony. Near the end of the halls, one would see a large round crystal table with 6 matching crystal chairs around it. One might guess that these chairs are especially made to be seated by the 6 Elements of Harmony.

But it seems the only one present in this halls is General Rainbow Dash and me.

" Umm excuse me General Rainbow Dash ma'am... I mean SIR or is it ma'am?" I wasn't sure if what the General would like to prefer for the General has Married Apple Jack, who is also one of the Elements of Harmony and also of the same sex... so I have no idea how one should call the general in terms of gender....

" hehehe, kid don't think too much about it you can call me Dashie, just like how your Aunt Pinkie would." General Dash told me as she winked at me.

I could only glee in joy for her to allow me the honour to do that.

"uhmm d- ...deneral Gashie uff." I ended up goofing the words.

" ahHAAHAHA, You're a riot kid!" 

It looks like I entertained her real good. It was quite refreshing, because usually ponies would frown on me when I make jokes.

As we continued to make small talks as we got close to the table, I ended up bringing the topic about Disarray, in which made the mood within the room change from happy and joy to sad and sorrow.

" Madeline, before the other elements and the princesses meet us here.... There's something you should know about you aunt and Disarray.

"You see... We've not let everypony in Equestria know about the whole truth...

Only a select few are told about the origin of Disarray. And since you'll be taking your Aunt's role-"

" WAIT... what!?" I cutted her off.

" w-weh- wadyuminbahdat!?" I said... More like ate my words.

My mind ran wild from what the general said, and I could only ventilate and sweat at where I stand.

" Uhh- I'm sorry, I'm really not the pony who's good at communicating... You know what? Let's take a seat while I explain stuff in more detail."

She lead me to one of the crystal chairs where on the top there was a logo of a balloon, it's logo has a similarity with my cutie mark though, which lead me to believe that this is where my Aunt placed her rump.

" Sit down... I'm sure she won't mind."

Her words somehow would make my eyes flow tears for some reason.

I would sit down, and a warm feeling would envelop me, as if my aunt is hugging me for some reason.

" It was my dream to be like my aunt... but I wouldn't have imagined that I'd get this near of an achievement..."

General Dash could only smile to me, as her reply to my monologue.

"Again... Your aunt... can't take up the role as the Element of Laughter anymore. for she is Disarray."

I felt a crack inside of me,  after hearing those words.

The shock froze my face and body, that moving me would break me and I was very cold to the touch at that point.

But the Generals warm hoof would melt my frozen state and her loving look would soften me, while her words would light me up.

"Madeline," the General said warmly and lovingly to me.

" But that doesn't mean she can't turn back to our loving pinkie pie again... WE can still save her.... Help us save Pinkie Pie..."

" General... I'll do anything to save my hero!" I said to her while holding my tears.

It seems the General and Aunt really are close friends, which should've been obvious. They ARE the Guardians of Harmony a.k.a. the Elements of Harmony.

But soon that belief would end when I get to meet the rest of them. Only a few minutes have passed before some pony else would enter the halls.

As I tried to pick on who is entering. I noticed a dragon is opening the door for some pony. 

The dragon must be Spike, The Ambassador of the dragons.

Then he must be holding the door for none other than the princess herself!

I quickly left my aunt's sit and bowed at her grace before she could ever see me.

Which seems to be a good idea at first but...

As the Dragon glanced towards me he became shocked and alerted. He charged at me with full speed, with a killing intent.

I could not react fast enough to even try yelping for his claws where already on my neck.

But what's weird is, he seemed to have stopped and his claws is just one hair away from contact to my neck.

The dazed me was confused and slowly checked what just happened. 

It was Rainbow Dash holding down Spike. But by the looks of it... She is more like hugging him rather than holding him down to stop his attack from me.

" You got the wrong pony Spike... It's not her..." General Dash calmly said to Spike.

Slowly she let go of the dragon from her hug and both gave a warm look in each other's eyes. The dragon then started to feel sorry and the General could only smirk at him and smile. Then she would look over his shoulder to check if someone else is there too.

She would look at me and say.

" Come with me, we should properly introduce you to everyone, we don't want another surprise attack." She said while looking smug at Spike.

The dragon was a bit embarrassed and couldn't look directly on both of our eyes.

He would just blushingly say:

" I'm sorry! Would you give me some slack..."

" It's cool, right Madeline?" The general asked me.

" U-um yeah it's umm cool .... I'm.. I'm also a big fan of yours sir Spike...So umm.. I hope that's cool for you too...hehe..."

the dragon would pause a bit and slowly but surely would get the pun I made.

"...... Oooohhhh I see what you did there! ... that was quite good." Spike smiled at me.

Which in turn I could only blush back at him.

As Rainbow Dash and Spike escort me towards the ponies at the back, the nervous I got, for I could slowly see that the ones waiting for my approach is the Princess of Friendship AND the rest of the Elements of Harmony! Minus my aunt of course....


The general introduced me to them with such great manner and poise.

" Princess Twilight sparkle." General Dash greeted, while taking a salute and bowed towards the princess. I too also followed her lead and bowed down to the princess. I don't wanna look rude to her you know.


"It is nice to see you home safe and sound your majesty."

" I told you to quit doing that Rainbow Dash." the Princess scolded.

" Now please introduce us to your guest. We are very quite intrigued.... Of her..."

The princess said with a weird pause.

It gave me quite the awkward feel after she said that towards me. It seems my Aunt made quite a dent to her majesty's trust on others.

" Y-uy...ahmm your majesty. My name is Madeline Diana Pie. it is an honour to meet you."

Suddenly a white unicorn with purple mane butted in and said,

"I see the Apple did not fall far from the tree... Hmp!" 

Her words were very discouraging and painful.

But I could see the General was ticked off at what she said and was about to give a peace of her mind, but a fellow earth pony started to walk beside her and stopped her for continuing to harass me with words.

She had a beautiful golden brown fur and is wearing a rodeo hat. Which could only mean it's Apple Jack. The strongest in strength of the Elements,  the element of Honesty.

"Honestly Rarity, is that a way to treat a stranger? What has gotten intuya girl!"

It seems the white Pony who mocked me is Rarity... and I have no idea what her element represent.... But I'm sure it ain't kindness...Might be generosity?.... Magic?.....

Maybe she's just a relative who just got tagged along.....

Both ponies had a long strong look at each other. But luckily Rarity broke eye contact.

" I'm sorry AJ..." she said. even though her tone was still strong and dignified when she said sorry, it still felt genuine, true and loving.

Which kind of gave a weird feeling for me and yet I give respect for her...

Maybe she is one of the elements after all....

Then a quiet voice started to talk from behind me.

" Ladies... I think the long journey we took, took a toll on us and is starting to get cranky... we should all go to our seats and relax."

I was shocked that someone could sneak up on me like that. I could only Yelp awkwardly from the surprise of her popping out of nowhere from my back.

She must be the ninja of harmony or something....

" Fluttershy is right. We should take a seat and relax before we start our meeting for today. Miss Madeline, if you could Join us at the table, that would be delightful." The princess said.

" Yes! your majesty... I-it would give me great happy.. I mean joy to join you in your... Pleasantries?"

" hahahahaha.... That's one apple I'm glad that didn't fall far from the tree." The princess smiled at me.

One by one each pony sat down at their seats that represents each other.

the Princess sat at the shining star encrusted crystal chair, which represents the Element of Magic.

Fluttershy, sat at the butterfly encrusted one, which represents Kindness.

Apple Jack, sat at the Apple encrusted seat, which represents Honesty

Rainbow Dash at the Lightning encrusted seat, which represents loyalty.

while I stood beside my Aunt's seat... Empty.

Rainbow Dash Signaled me to take a seat aswell. But... It just made me look at it and couldn't have the courage to take a seat on it again.

looking at the empty seat, also left something empty within my heart. For I thought that this day would be the day where I get to meet my hero and stand beside her, and not the one replacing her.





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All was hunky dory... Until that faithful day, where we have to face and stop Disarray from her madness...

Little did we know that it was us who will join her in her madness....

Our love for Pinkie Pie was still alive and hoped that she'd come back to us one more time. We were such a fool, us expecting a miracle would happen... I guess this time it ran out.

General Rainbow Dash had gone into depression from the lost of Apple Jack while Fluttershy was abducted by Discord, who feared Disarray and abandoned us. Only Rarity and I remained at the princess's side to protect what is left in Equestria.

As the madness continued, so did our desperation. We have tampered with forbidden magic, altered cutie marks to make super ponies, and finally time travel, to alter reality. Truly... To defeat madness, one must fight madness with madness.

So what's the difference now between us and her? Nothing really... And that's where I can hear her voice, her guidance, her wisdom.... Her madness.

Don't you see Light?.... We already lost... Hey Light... Before you finish me off... Will you be able to save us?

I didn't expect him to reply... But what he did next was.... Madness as well... I could not help but Smile and Laugh...



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