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offering critique Criticizing/Reviewing your Original Characters.


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As I am a big fan of original characters and joined this forum just so see some and give my opinions on some OCs of yours. I'd love to give the OC a rating of 1-5, in 3 categories.

1. Visual design (How good the OC looks when it comes to details and colors)

2. Background and personality (How thought out the OC is)

3. How well it fits into the MLP universe.

Keep in mind, I do have experience with OCs myself, I have experience in making and critiquing art, so I'm not doing this out of personal preference.

I will gladly give out constructive criticism if it is asked of me, otherwise I will just give overall feedback and a rating.

I do want a picture of your OC, basic information, personality and backstory, and a cutie mark description with a story of how the OC got it.

I hope to see at least a few of some of your beautiful creations!

Have a nice day everyone!

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Here ya go. Meet my Ponysona/OC, Silver Whistle. More info in the post below:

Also, a bonus images. My OC doing a cool pose. A profile pic of mine with my OC beside me (then full size), and commissioned fanart:

Silver Whistle (commissioned by FluffDragonArt).png

proff_by_kitsu_chan11_dddlk4g (1 by 1).jpg



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I altered your title a little bit to make it slightly softer. Finally, I did take out the points system, as it may affect how people feel and bring an unnecessary competition.

I'd be honored if you could review/critique my street racing pegasus named Nitro Spark. Here's a few pics of him:

Original Design (courtesey of The Fabulous Pony Maker)


Sitting on a wall (requested Drawing)



And his character bio: https://mlpforums.com/character/30-nitro-spark/

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  • The title was changed to Criticizing/Reviewing your Original Characters.

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