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Has there ever been a rumour involving yourself which included ...?


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Actually, yes.

I dated a guy in high school and after I broke things off, he adopted the “if I can’t have her, no one else can” mentality. He attempted to ruin my reputation by spreading a rumor that I was pregnant along with other things.

Your mental state?

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Yup. My family lived in a nice house by a lakeside but it's kinda the reason why we weren't really that rich cos the cost kept adding up. Most of the people I went to high school with lived in old run down houses or trailers cos it was a pretty poor town so I got a little bit of slack for appearing to "have it so well". But I don't blame anyone for it, none of us were in ideal situations in that school.

being a "snitch"? (could be for good reason, just the name has a negative connotation)

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