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Which labels would you put on yourself?

Blaze Bronson

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Paper bag-sexual


Virtual Boy Gamer

Getting my head stuck in small spaces enthusiast

Golf ball-sexual

So furry that I shit on the lawn

Poking dead things enthusiast


Banned from Best Buy

So weeaboo that I want to contract jaundice just so my friends will believe I'm Japanese


Gizmondo Gamer



Non-dairy creamer

Bath Salts Enthusiast

Poking dead things sexual



Banned from JC Penny

Abuser of Labels


So brony that I am literally wearing Rarity's face.






Avid throwing rocks at people gamer

Cat person


Banned from PetSmart

Friendly  :pinkie:

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  • Animal Lover
  • Asexual
  • Cat Person
  • Feminist
  • Lesbian
  • Religious
  • Vegetarian

That's about it, I don't really feel like going into media-type labels.

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  • Introvert, Yet Lonely.
  • Asexual
  • Autistic
  • Ambitous
  • Agnostic
  • Unlucky
  • Very Self-Imposed
  • Shonen Fan (Like JoJo, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece)
  • General Anime Fan
  • Monty Python Fan 
  • Nintendo Fan
  • General Video Game Fan
  • Very Serious Coffee and Cheese Enthusiast
  • Pink Floyd Fan
  • General Classic Rock and Metal Fan
  • Piano Player
  • Guitar Player
  • Animal Lover
  • Brony

Is that enough?




~Nintendo fan

~Vinesauce addict





~Bisexual/possibly pansexual


~Story writer (if I get that far ^^)

~VGM addict

~Open-minded (I hope ._.)

A Nintendo fan, Doctor Who fan, Vinesauce fan and agnostic? HUG ME!

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Xbox + PC Gamer

Music Producer

Music Lover


Bass Hunter


Day Dreamer

Night Owl



Complain a lot


:fluttershy: :fluttershy: :fluttershy:


Adrenaline Junkie


Shy :'(



Open Minded

> insert another label here <


Cats! :3



Fluttershy is best pony!

Vinyl Scratch is second best pony

Sonata is best siren

Spike fan

Discord fan

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Movie buff


Green and white (which is a term for a Werder Bremen fan in Football)


Wrestling fan

Hypnosis fanatic

Snake/Lamia fanatic

Fan of 60s-90s Music

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-James Bond fan

-Star Wars fan




-Extremely tolerant



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Book lover

Anime fan

Studio Ghibli devotee

Video gamer

Sci-Fi geek

Fantasy geek

History geek

Geek in general



Lifelong bachelor (partly by choice, partly by circumstance)

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- Autistic

- Disabled

- Pegasister

- Whovian

- Bisexual

- Hiddlestoner/Loki's Army

- Petshopper (littlest pet shop)

- Cosplayer

- Self-advocate (for disabilities)

- Writer

- Plushie Collector


That's all I can think of.

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..... Hmm



*Brony - I am female but I have a Rainbow Dash hat that says brony... So I go by that instead of Pegasister... eh.


*Anime Enthusiast

*Nintendo DS Player

*Sony fangirl - I have a sony phone, PS3, PSVita, Soon a PS4, Really want a Sony TV... >.>

*Apple Hater (iPhone ect not the food) I just reeeeeeally hate the operating system. I think the specs are great, hate the OS

*Role Player

*Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh)

*Music Lover

*Animal Adorer - Seriously I prefer animals to people. They don't judge and are fluffy and cute

*Really wana get in to D&D but have no friends to play with xD

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  • Atheist





MLP fan

MLP collector

Collector (for various other things I collect)









Book lover


Animal friend



Smart (I hope)

Four-eyes (LOL)

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None. I have plenty of hobbies, interests and things I'm enthusiastic about but I don't want to feel like I'm forced into some kind of club. When you don't know someone personally then the label can give off this impression of excluding other things. I love metal music so I could call myself a metalhead but then I think people would assume then that metal is all I like, which is far from true. I like other things and there's plenty of metal that I don't like.


Some labels I think barely qualify as labels because they're just facts. I play guitar so I call myself a guitarist because that's it's lingual definition, it's not a social thing at all. Then you get to the point where people try to tell you that your label is wrong, like you're not 'metal enough' to be called a metalhead, don't have enough merch to be called a brony, to have not read enough subtitles to be called an anime fan, etc etc etc.


It's not worth the aggravation and to be honest, maybe I don't want to be grouped in with people who are determined to force some kind of hierarchy on others' own indivuality.


There's only one label I believe in and that's 'Me', and I refuse to call that a label.

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• Asexual

• Female/Girl

• Muslim

• Introveted

• Occasionally shy

• Fangirl

• Gamer

• Autistic

• Obessed

• Anti-Social

• Asocial

• Unpopular

• Creepypasta Fan

• Friendly

• Sarcastic

• Writer/Author

• Artist

• Neat Freak

• Bookworm

• (Female) Brony

• Pegasister

• (Gravity) Faller

• Intellgient

• Mature for my age

• Creative

• Critic

• Sly

• Childish

• Polite

• Nerd

• Geek

• Morning person

• Night Owl

• Random

• Respectful

• Puzzlingly confusing

• Animal Lover

• Disabled

• Boring

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First, allow me to say that labels are simply useful: they allow you to present ideas and traits of yourself quickly, in the most pratical way(maybe, also connect yourself to a group of people with the same interests and be able to protect them this way); it's not to "put yourself in a box", that would only be a mistake from the person that takes that label too far, for example: if I say I'm an atheist, you can only deduce that I lack the belief in God(s), to say that I am a progressist, liberal, pro-abortion, feminist, anti-racist, anti-religion, skeptical and whatever is just wrong; if labels are used, at least, mildly reasonably, there's no problem possible. Mine:

  • Feminist
  • Atheist
  • Naturalist
  • My Little Pony fan
  • Princess Celestia fan
  • Introverted
  • Anti-social
  • Reader
  • Night owl
  • Polite, open minded, respectful and tolerant(I hope that's not arrogant of me)

Well, there's certainly more, but those are the ones I'd actually use to describe myself. Yes, that's it; thank you. =)

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Some labels I would give myself:


-History buff


-PC Enthusiast (also known as PC Master Race)

-Politically incorrect/anti-political correctness




-Human master race

-Anti-reverse discrimination

-Luna/NLR Loyalist

-Anti-unipolarity: Country may change as time goes by but for now is USA.

-When I believe necessary, pro-authoritarian/anti-democracy


Label I would not give myself but may possibly accept:

-Furry: This goes to debate of whether Bronydom is subfandom of Furrydom or if term Furry is general enough to apply to Bronies. Personally I'm specifically interested in MLP:FIM but not really anthropomorphic animals in general. If I'm technically classified as Furry then I'm not at all involved in it or am only involved in subfandom of Bronydom if that's what it is. Asked someone about this and they said I'm not a Furry. But if being a Brony does in fact make me a Furry as well, then whatever I would label myself as a one.

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