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If the Storm king were to invade the Human world, how would Equestria react and would they really help the humans?


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Equestria Girl's Human world specifically as the only way they'd know is through Sunset Shimmer's Diary. Twilight receiving frantic messages and please for help from Sunset, probably made even dire when one of Sunset's messages get cut off mid sentence as well as the mirror being cut off from the human world due to the staff of sacanas draining the magic infesting Canterlot City which also includes the geodes, the mirror and the diary. This making twilight fearful of her friend's safety and being enough for her to report this to the princesses, after which they'll have to make the decision.

if there's a reason for him to come after the human world, it has no magic to defend itself. which is the only advantage he'd have. How he'd know of it's existence is through learning of the mirror and having stolen it from Equestria via some agents. using the mirror to build larger and improved portals to send his forces through. The magic in and around canterlot city being more than enough to shield him from human weaponry once drained, including nuclear weapons.

So what would they do? Would they just leave that dimension to die or would they follow him into the human world and fight to stop his conquest of the human world?

Secondly, would the Humans or any humans still alive and not dead, press ganged or enslaved be able to trust the ponies into allying with them?

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The ponies would try to help the human. But once they got on our world, they'll see the storm king wither dead or captured. And the eyes of the humans would stare at them with morbid curiosity.

"....we made a mistake."

~last words of twilight sparkle.~ 

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He works in steps. He takes over the cat world, the slug world, the flying pirates, etc, etc. He failed when he went up against the ponies, but if he had succeeded, he would have gone after the humans for sure.

Would the ponies help the humans? Of course.


The movie makes so much sense :confused: (Don't make me explain slugs. Just that city with the singing cat was full of creatures with zero thought of character or world building)


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