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2 hours ago, Horseboy223 said:

anyone had the feeling of what would happen if the humans (Basically in the real world), Attacked equestria? any thoughts of that? What will happen?

1 hour ago, Comrade Friendship said:


I would immediately defect to the Equestrian army and fight those evil bipedal things

Let's join the Resistance, my friends. Together with the ponies, we'll defeat those monkeys.

But honestly ? Naaaaaaah, we'd totally steam rolled them, no questions asked. They'd try diplomacy first, so we'd have the first strike. Sure the alicorns are pretty powerful, but even they can't dodge bullets. Maaaaaaaybe Discord would give us problems, but we'd prob just end up ruining this beautiful land anyway.


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1 minute ago, Comrade Friendship said:

Noooooo :(

I can't accept that! I'll never give up the fight, even if they've reached the very halls of the Canterlot Castle, we must not give up hope!

Agreed, but the fight will be a tough one. Are you willing to do all that it takes to stop this from happening ?


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