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Hello dear friends!

Princess Celestia

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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

How did you find MLP Forums?

That was so many moons ago that i really don't remember. I think friends told me about it.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

When the G4 show started, or uhm... maybe it was with G3 ponies as a collector of them.

Hello! I'm Dandelion Ass a long time Brony, have been making pony music for a very long time.

When talking about Celestianism, I use the name CelestiAlicorn.


So Celestianism, what is that?

Celestianism is the belief that Celesta and Luna are the chosen to create peace and harmony.

For me, it is a way of applying friendship in my daily relationships. Being a Brony is basically accepting and tolerating, finding total friendship and having a lot of fun together.




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Thank you, thank you!

This feels like coming home to Ponyville again, so many happy kind ponies around.

My exile from ponydom is no more, now let's the fun begin al over. I'm restarting from season 1, to go back to those days deep feelings again.

I know the Celestianism thing might seems a bit to much to someponys, but It's simply just a way to implement kindness into daily life.

I can confess that I have very little knowledge about G5, because I'm really, I mean REALLY so much stuck in the G4 world.

The "Hello Pinkie Pie" https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Hello_Pinkie_Pie is something I also have taken to my heart, it's absolutely hilarious!



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Hello and welcome @CelestiAlicorn

I hope you have a great time here :>

We all are very friendly just a bit crazy sometimes :3


19 hours ago, Rikifive said:

PRAISE CELESTIA 30QJkkP.png.76a29812b779149867c264313c6ee-worshipping-intensifies.gif.f1e3cbbec3e08795cf32f737e952b166.gif

PRAISE LUNA e-lunasmile.png.f02ca156d12144ff18f92c2fe5bd79eb.pnge-worshipping-intensifies.gif.f1e3cbbec3e08795cf32f737e952b166.gif

PRAISE PRINCESSES e-worshipping-extreme.gif.4565905cb654636d740761cce3d845d1.gif

Hello and welcome to the herd! :mlp_yeehaa:


image.gif.5b6c029c4d078edf4865137156b4ceae.gif    image.gif.5b6c029c4d078edf4865137156b4ceae.gif    image.gif.5b6c029c4d078edf4865137156b4ceae.gif   P R A I S E     T E A   e-worshipping-extreme.gif.4565905cb654636d740761cce3d845d1.gif    e-worshipping-extreme.gif.4565905cb654636d740761cce3d845d1.gif    e-worshipping-extreme.gif.4565905cb654636d740761cce3d845d1.gif

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