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Ask Silverspark second round


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Silverspark:walking in the room  setting up a table full of  treats and drinks  "Oh hello again it's your favorite Alicorn filly Silverspark I know I did this already but there is more stuff about 

me not just about my pranks I am also a small filly in a great big world trying learn about my self you can ask about my past my favorite foods other things I love to do when I am not busy with my art or practicing my  magic and

ponies I look up to and why you see parents around but feel free to come and play with when you are ready"she said   putting up couch chairs bean bag chairs and setting Prince Beary on

a near by couch "also feel free to ask my dragon friend Saphire she likes to sleep in my saddlebag  she was shrunk by accident to a size of a kitten long story so ask away 

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