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Rank the mane six from best to worst


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Rank the mane six and give your reasoning why. My choice is easy


1: Fluttershy

  • She is super cute and adorable
  • She reminds me of myself but she's much nicer and more patient
  • She's very unique
  • She's 100x better than Twilight and Rainbow Dash combined
  • She would've been a much better protagonist because I think it would've been more satisfying to watch somepony learn the magic of friendship AND learn how to be a bigger pony

2: Rarity

  • Very beautiful and pretty
  • She's the funniest of the mane six
  • I loved her in Dog and Pony show
  • Her relationship with Spike is very cute
  • I appreciate how in any other show she'd be the evil girl, but in this show, she's really nice

3: Applejack

  • She's always the voice of reason, which I like
  • She's very humble (unlike someone)
  • I like her country charm
  • She can be boring sometimes I guess

4: Pinkie Pie

  • She's annoying, but I guess she's kinda cute
  • She feels very one-dimensional
  • Her element is... Pointless
  • She was clearly added for laughs (unsuccessful)

5: Twilight Sparkle (Oh boy)

  • The show puts too much focus on her. I get she's the main character but it's too much
  • She never gets punished even if she does something really wrong
  • She's a mary sue
  • She's a perfectionist to an annoying extent. It causes problems and she solves them pretending she had nothing to do with them
  • She has to be carried by other ponies to even do half the stuff she does. I get it's supposed to be "friendship" but still
  • I get her nerdiness and obliviousness is supposed to be charming, and I agreed at first, but now I'm slowly starting to find it very annoying. Especially when she tries to act uncharacteristially 'goodie-goodie'
  • I would argue that she's not even necessary with an element of kindness. I don't say this just because Fluttershy is my favorite, but if you think about it, kindness is the most important element. You don't have to be honest to have friends, you don't have to be generous to have friends, you certainly don't have to make people/ponies laugh to have friends, but you have to be nice to have friends. Maybe loyalty, but I just preter RD

6: Rainbow Dash (Fight. Me.)

  • She has the undeserved reputation of "most shipped pony" when Fluttershy and Twilight have more ships
  • She gets too much focus in the show (she's the one who gave everyone their cutie mark, she has fanclubs, she's the one who goes with Sunset and Twilight in that one Equestria thing, she's the one the mane six have get in Return To Harmony)
  • She's very annoying, selfish, boastful, and I don't see much likable qualities
  • She gets away with so much, just like Twilight
  • Most of my hate comes from the fandom's treatment, so I admit I am a little bias towards her



Tell me what your ranks are

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1: Rainbow Dash and AppleJack. I can’t choose between the 2 so I have them here at the top spot. I like RD because she remind me of myself so much but I also feel a good connection with the Apples and AppleJack. So it’s tough for me to chose.

2: Twilight. She also kinda reminds me of me in certain ways. She’s smart and has an eye for certain details, like I do. Though I’m not as organized.

3: Fluttershy. She’s cute in my eyes and I like her. But when it comes to other characters, she’s lower on the list. That does NOT MEAN I don’t like her. She and I both share a love for nature and wildlife and I find that connects us.

4: Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Hard to put one as the lowest, so let’s put both. No hate to either of these but Rarity is overly dramatic about often unnecessary things, and Pinkie Pie in a LOT of things. She’s all over the place and while yet funny, not one I’d say I like very much.

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1. Rainbow Dash

- She reminds me so much of myself so I can relate with her on another level. She has also had a lot of character development, making her interesting. I love her drive, her sense of ambition, her loyalty, and how she’s learned and grew.

2. Applejack

- Shes so hardworking! It inspires me to work as hard as possible. I just love her character!

3. Pinkie Pie

- Love the entertainment she provides. She’s so silly and she makes everything more fun. She is a tad bit sensitive though and can get hurt easily.

4. Twilight Sparkle

- She’s a big reader and is extremely organized. I love that about her. However, she is a bit of a perfectionist. That does get fixed later on in the show (character development). Overall a solid character.

5. Fluttershy

- Fluttershy is absolutely adorable and we both share the same love for animals! The reason she is so low on this list is mainly because (for me) she isn’t relatable; being scared of everything and all. I may change my mind and put her above Twilight. I’m still debating. For me she’s either a 4 or 5! I do love her!

6. Rarity

- Compared to all the other Mane 6 ponies, Rarity is not one of the top. As much as I like her generosity and her sense of fashion, she focuses too much on the little details and can be a tad bit overdramatic. She’s still a very solid character and I love her! Just compared to everyone on the list shes unfortunately got to be the lowest :(

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I asked my partner to do this as well, so here's both

1. Fluttershy - She has a very endearing, understanding and kind personality, all things that I aspire to be better at myself.
2. Pinkie Pie - An emphasis on the fun of life is important no matter how old you are
3. Rarity - Details are important, details can save lives. The generosity is also something I take deeply to heart and care very much about.
4. Rainbow Dash - Loyalty is a very noble trait so no matter how arrogant RD can be at times, the loyalty gives her a lot of points.
5. Applejack - Apple horse
6. Twilight - book horse

My partner:
1. Fluttershy - Many of the same reasons as me
2. Rarity - She loves fashion and aspires to be more generous, so my partner resonates with rarity pretty well.
3. Pinkie Pie - My partner thinks Pinkie can be annoying, however she brings a lot of life/fun to the show and to her friends, which is important.
4. Applejack - Partner loves her personality and color scheme, just gets a lower ranking because my partner feels honesty should be a basic fundamental trait.
5. Twilight - Boring/bland, very neutral character according to my partner. Not last because she recognizes twilight's what holds the other ponies together as friends.
6. Rainbow Dash - Partner CANNOT stand RD's arrogance/self righteousness. Doesn't hate her but has a hard time respecting her.

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