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Which of the Mane Six has the best looking Mane?



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  1. 1. Which has the best Mane?

    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Fluttershy
    • Rarity
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Applejack

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Pinkie and Rarity are totes tied.  Pinkie's is so voluptuous and Rarity's is styled perfectly like 24/7.


Then Fluttershy because prettyyyy thick straight hair  :D


AJ and RD are tied because they don't really do anything to theirs.


And Twily is last because I've just never liked straight bangs.

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Rarity, and it's really not that close. I mean, come on. Just look at it.




Not only that, but it just doesn't work on any other pony.



Idk Rarity's mane looks pretty cute on Pinkie pie just saying but it would have to give it too second best pony Rarity it just looks amazing and i love her colour scheme 

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I'm going to have to go with Rainbow Dash on this one. First off, the shape and design is my favorite. It's not to long, and it's not to short. Plus, the mix between spikes and curves blend together to make a near-perfect mane. Secondly is the color. Rainbow has one of the most unique mane colors in the show. It's a Rainbow for crying out loud. It definitely makes her mane stand out amongst the others.

So, Rainbow Dashes is my favorite, but I do like a couple of the others main character's manes too. Fluttershy's mane is really cute and fitting for her, and Rarities mane is also nice to look at. The only mane style I'm not really crazy about in the main six is Twilight's. It's just not all that interesting to me.

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I have to go with Rarity give it just seems to suit her and also the coloring clash with her white just makes a good clash. Also it feels and has shown she takes a lot of care bout it a lot more then the others might of their mane. Yet she can also let it go or just change it up for the moment. 

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Rarity because of her curls and the purple which really fits well, and Rainbow dash because of her rainbow.                                                                                                                                   2000?cb=20151206182536                                       the mane really suits her

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I know I'm biased, but Flutters for me. Her mane is so a wonderful mane. Long and full of lineflow :> 

Yes, Rarity's mane is great too and even harder to draw. Still I'm full in Flutters mane :>

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