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  1. I don't understand it either, but I suppose the more people read/watch fan works, the more they like their interpretation of her. Plus she's pretty. But considering she's in like 2 episodes I still don't see how she could be a "favorite" except as a favorite background pony? idk...
  2. I just caught up and watched this last night. My heart melted. I probably pooped myself before it was over. If you don't like this episode can you really call yourself a fan? I think it was the POINT to include as many references as possible. This episode was obviously supposed to be one huge wink/nod to the brony community. If you can't appreciate that, GET OUT (jk) .. but in all seriousness, this COULD. NOT. HAVE been executed more perfectly. It has just about every reference they could cram into one episode, and still managed to make it appeal to the not-so-hardcore fans (oh and kid
  3. FlutterCord is weird but honestly better than any other Fluttershy pairing. Honestly honestly, fluttershy with anyone is kinda awkward to me. CelestiCord makes the most sense. I can ship it. If you pair the cutie mark crusaders, imo you're one of "those" fans. They're children?
  4. This. I'm female but don't find myself to be overly girly or overly guyish.. so it really depends on who it is. for example if I'm around females that are super into hair and make up and boys, I feel uncomfortable. If I'm around men that are super into sports and women, I also feel uncomfortable. anyone else is usually fine though. Lucky for me I work with normal people haha.
  5. When I first seen this video my reaction was shock, disgust, anger etc. There's a video up of "her side of the story" apparently she IS facing having her children taken. she claims before the video started he called her a "crack headed cracker" and that's why she went off the way she did, and that he also "almost hit her son in the parking lot" but you know, then again she could be making any of that up. there's only video proof from his view of the situation. she also never mentions him almost hitting her son in the video, only that he "scared her kids" or whatever. here, you
  6. Pansexual fo sho. To avoid having to explain what it is I just tell people I'm bi though.
  7. I haven't had any randomness like that happen, but I did work with a brony, who I found out was a brony from a facebook status. Although the only words of exchange were something like "I heard you have a pony app, brony!" "You're just mad cuz I'm Pinkie Pie!" unfortunately he turned out to be crazy, fell in love with me and stalked me, to the point that I had to tell him to stop, and that same day he quit. I love my bronies but sometimes they aren't quite all there.
  8. I thought babies were born from a woman's butt. and that when my parents were having adult-time, he was beating her up.
  9. I'm a female, but I've noticed there are a bit more men than women on here. which is pretty cool considering mlp is "for girls" hahah
  10. $40 on a t-shirt. no idea where I came up with that kind of money.
  11. Personally I don't see it. I mean, she's a princess and a bookworm, she's not "sophisticated" but she's still most definitely from Canterlot.. intelligent, neat and orderly. I only see an "idiot" getting on her nerves thus they would not be compatible. but hey anything's possible.. I guess. lol
  12. ohmygod I forgot about this one. ALL MY YES! I see it way too often and every time just.. whyyyy?! I forgot to mention FlutterCord too. Uhm, no, Fluttershy and Discord would not work. They are too different personality-wise.
  13. As someone who's been driving for 5 years, drives as a profession every single day and experienced at least 3 major accidents........ I still love driving it's relaxing and having my own car makes me feel.. independent? Rather than having to rely on people for rides. I don't think I could go back to those days. It's like taking the internet from a WoW junkie.
  14. I used to see a lot of ScootaDash and it really grossed me out...... in fact anything with CMC is horrible. FlutterMac is, eeh, I can see why people ship it I guess but it just kind of irritates me because personally I say no. also! Pretty much Pinkie Pie x anybody ever. I mean..... It's PINKIE PIE.
  15. 1. I am a female and 2. originally yes but G4 has more thought put into it than just marketing.
  16. Frozen. Everybody else killed it for me, thanks world. Also snowman-character is gross looking and unappealing. Usually I adore Disney, huh who knew. Minecraft. The game is.. blocks.......................... need I say more? lol.. this may sound kinda harsh but I might as well go play with legos. Coke, Pepsi. Nasty, and bad for you. Mountain Dew. Tastes like liquified candy, almost syrupy... ick Small Dogs. Seriously if that little rat tries to bite my ankle I won't hesitate to kick it. no offense to anyone, I respect that people enjoy different things than I~
  17. The fact that they actually humanized the ponies.. And put them in high school.. Most likely just to make and sell dolls, nothing more, which is probably why the movie was lacking so bad. Seemed like one big marketing type thing.
  18. MLP, Regular Show and Adventure Time are best Western cartoons! they're all so close in greatness I can't really say any are better than the other. Obviously they're all just very different than each other.
  19. Good, the fact that EQG actually went through as a thing really disappointed me for a long time and still does when I think about it. -shutters-
  20. You should watch more horror movies then.
  21. I'm a furry and I still think it's wrong, and a form of rape and animal cruelty. Beastiality I mean.. actually committing the act. Thinking about it is one thing; just like how rape may fancy somebody, but when they actually go out and do it that's where I draw the line. An animal, in my opinion is like a child.. it might as well be statutory rape and you can debate this all you want, I won't change my mind.
  22. They often spam my newsfeed up on facebook and it makes me want to scream. There are MANY females I see post at least one A DAY. Yes, we know what you look like, from every possible angle now, good for you. I take one when my hair changes or something to keep my profile picture updated, that's about it.
  23. I would do things how they did in the 90's.. library for information.. go to my friends' house for social interaction.. video games and books for further entertainment.. I think this is very relevant and belongs here.
  24. So far.. graduated high school in 2011 with all honors except math. Now I'm terrified to go back because holy **** math. MATH. I could do anything I wanted if there was absolutely no math involved. In high school, I literally cried taking a math test more than once. When I took the placement test they told me I would start at math 50 and I've been extremely discouraged since. Either way I plan on eventually going back and studying radiology, or to be some sort of phlebotomist. I don't need to do anything outstanding, live in a $200,000 home or have a lot of money to be happy.
  25. I agree with previous comments on the fact that there is literally porn of EVERYTHING. That's essentially what rule34 is; "if it exists, there is porn of it." I know of a popular fursuit maker in the furry community that gets off on.. inflation. That's right, people or anthropomorphic animals blown up like balloons or extremely oversized. Nobody seems to think that's weird at all. (I personally think it's odd but at the same time am not one to judge someone for what they like sexually as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. I could really care less; that goes for cloppers as well.) I suppose
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